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Oh Hey, AnnabelMay.co.uk

Oh Hey, AnnabelMay.co.uk

Well, it's official! 

Say hello to AnnabelMay.co.uk

I've said goodbye to The Life & Times of Belle after 5-ish years (err wait, how has it been that long?!), I'd come to feel like I'd sort of outgrown of The Life & Times of Belle and wanted something that felt a bit more personal, a bit more 'me'. I like how Annabel May is a bit more snappy, it couldn't be more 'me' if it tried (it's my name after all!), plus it rhymes - which I love!

I've been wanting to re-brand the ol' blog for a little while now but it just seemed like such a big task to undertake and one that I felt so overwhelmed by, there were so many decisions that had to be made! So, of course, I just put it off and kept avoiding it for ages! This past couple of months, when everything went radio silence on here and I haven't felt like posting (things happened in my personal life that really knocked me for six, to be honest, but that's a story for another post) I found that I really missed writing and working on all the other bits that come with blogging. So I decided to take the time work on the re-brand, it has taken me a good few weeks to make all the decisions and sort everything out, but I'm finally finished! Yay! I'm so so happy with how it has turned out! 

Aside from the obvious fact that I finally took the plunge and got myself a domain (so overdue! I feel like a 'proper' blogger now, ha!) to match my new blog name, I also treated myself to a fancy schmancy new design - I'm loving how much cleaner, brighter and fresher it is! 

Let's take a tour, shall we?

One of my fave features of the new design is the featured post slider up at the top - I love how it means I can keep my fave posts all in one accessible place. 

Oooh another thing that's hopefully going to keep my posts more organised is my new categories system - all of my content is now divided into eight categories: ADVENTURES, BEAUTY, BLOGGING, FASHION, HOME, LIFESTYLE, PLANNING & SERIAL - it's so much more streamlined and less cluttered!

What else? There are my social media links scattered around in a few places obvs - and of course a slider of my Instagram (I'm bloomin' loving my Insta at the moment, taking and editing photos have seriously become a hobby for me!). 

In terms of content, that's still going to be just whatever I fancy sharing, discussing or documenting whenever I sit down to write a post. I'm sure it'll be an eclectic mix - but that's just unapologetically me!

So er yeah, basically Hi and welcome to my new blog! Well, it's the same ol' blog, just a bit updated with its new name and a facelift! If you're new - thanks for visiting, I hope you stick around! And if you've been reading my blog for a while - thank you so much for sticking with me! 

Here's to a new chapter!