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Thoughts I had during the PLL Season 7B Premiere

So the final half of the last series (does this half a series malarkey get on anyone else's nerves or is it just me?! You can't have a good binge watch of only half a series!) of Pretty Little Liars aired last night so right a the top of my to do list for today (after work, of course) was to watch the new episode! Then I decided to rather ingeniously combine it with the other major thing that I need to get done today - write a blog post - and this post was born. I've seen a few people live-tweet/blog their reactions during tv shows and I bloomin' love following along and agreeing with them so I thought I'd have a bash at my own!

Here's what I thought whilst watching the PLL 7B premiere (also known as Season 7 Episode 11), I hope that you enjoy following along as I watch the episode...

  • Right, let's get rid of that pesky red notification on my Netflix app - PLL season 7 episode 1, let's do this
  • Wait why is Spencer in an ambulance?
  • Maybe I should've re-watched the ep.10 before I started watching this, it has been bloody months since I watch the mid-season finale, lemme just have a quick look on wiki to remind myself what when on
  • Blimey - it all went happened in that episode didn't it?! That house scene really creeped me out, and Noel's gruesome demise as well - ick...and Spencer got shot, ahh that's why she's in an ambulance I assume, okay back to ep.11
  • Right, back to Spencer being in the ambulance - "you've lost some blood" - isn't that kinda obvious as a consequence of being shot?! 
  • The paramedic is too focused on on who her mum is...ohh because of the whole Mary might be Spencer's mum bombshell?
  • Noel and Jenna seem like such an obvious choice - surely not...
  • All this talk of motives - Hannah has been watching far too many crime shows
  • "Maybe we knew too much about something" - Emily that has been the reason for everything that has happened to you all in the past six and a half seasons - do try and keep up
  • I think that assuming AD is dead so early on is just lulling yourself into a false sense of security Aria
  • Oh yeah, poor Toby had that car crash
  • Wait, who's Yvonne again?...
  • Ooh the theme tune...duh duh dah duh dah duh duh dah dah duh dah... two can keep a secret if one of them is dead...
  • I bloody hate it when they flash forward, at least it's only a week not five years this time though
  • Poor Spencer...oh it's not Spencer in a coma? Who is it then? Ohh Yvonne?
  • Ohh Ezra - I always liked him, I've missed him! Welcome home Ezra 
  • Bit awks that he walks in just as Aria is leaving though
  • Ohh Hannah and Caleb are back together - I'd forgotten about them - mind you him and Spencer never did sit right with me
  • Oh god not Paige - she's so annoying! Also, she must've got a bucket load of experience in those five years to be eligible to be a high school's athletic dept. supervisor
  • No it's probably not gonna be okay Emily because Paige is just a little bit cray
  • Ooh such a brush off from Ali there - last time we saw them (before the hospital) they were kissing weren't they? What happened? 
  • A smidge jealous of Paige there Ali?
  • Well thank god for Aria's explanation to Ezra about what happened in the past week - otherwise  we'd be clueless - wait what deer? Now I'm confused again...
  • Why are you asking about Nicole? Who cares? She's not here, he's here for you!
  • A text! An SOS text - ofc
  • Ooh the gang is all there...a suspicious looking present - I wouldn't open it if I were them...I knew AD wouldn't have been written out so easily!
  • Oh the sass from Aria - golly!
  • Bloody hell that's elaborate - extra points to AD for knocking a whole mini town up (complete with lights and noises) though! Ohh endgame - I'm starting to get it...It's reminding me a bit of Jumanji though...
  • Spencer loves any opportunity to throw a bit of French in for good measure 
  • "what do we do"- you have to play of course!
  • I'd forgotten Aria & Ezra were (finally) engaged
  • I suppose Nicole being not-abducted anymore does throw a bit of a spanner in their wedding planning
  • Such sass Ali! She really hates Paige (no wonder though in fairness). 
  • Oh Ali stop blowing hot and cold with poor Em - it's mean!
  • I love a Mona-plan
  • Are Spencer and the Detective still a thing? That was kinda weird - it was always Spoby for me
  • I love Spencer's shirt/striped jumper combo
  • Those table settings are beautiful! 
  • Who's Holden? Hang on lemme google again - oh yeah he was the martial arts guy Aria's pretend bf when she was dating Ezra - huh he's now a chef and his sister owns a wedding business - what a coincidence 
  • Well this is awks
  • Paige always has to stick her oar in doesn't she?
  • And Em always gets stuck in the middle of doesn't she?
  • New character alert!! - Katherine Bailey and that Celine bag is beaut!
  • I'm seriously liking Spencers outfit this ep
  • Mummy Hastings where have you been?! 
  • Nice and concise round up there Spencer, I appreciate it
  • That's true - no denial there Mummy Hastings
  • "Come to borrow a lawnmower or a husband" - my fave line of the ep so far
  • No way so was Mary Spencer's mum then?
  • Bloody hell Spencer's dad got around a bit didn't he? Twice? You should've shown him the door Veronica
  • Poor Spencer 
  • Lovely greyish flashback montage there
  • How has Hannah had time to knock out these designs?
  • This Ali and Paige meeting is going to be hilarious 
  • Ah Ali - still not lost her manipulating ways - good to see
  • I think they're gonna need more than five minutes to sort their difference out Mrs Horowitz 
  • Finally an AD message! and some creepy music to go with it
  • Play the game! Play the game!
  • I do love Spencer's barn though - I wouldn't mind living there tbh - obviously would have to get the locks changed though...
  • Seriously though how long must AD have spent creating this game?!
  • Truth or Dare? Really? Oh Spencer, still not able to tell the truth? No way would I pick a dare of ADs creation!
  • Visit Toby - bit of a cop out of a dare AD, I'm disappointed 
  • Well this convo is a bit blah isn't it?
  • Aww I love Spoby though
  • Ooh Emily calling Ali out! 
  • In all fairness I do think Mona is being truthful and nice this time - no ulterior motives
  • Whaat?! The game can deliver mail? Seriously AD should bring these out mass-market for Christmas..
  • A piece of a jigsaw? Really? What a let down...
  • They've seriously perfect that whole looking from one to the other as the camera pans over them thing by now
  • Uh-oh Jenna is back! 
  • No way, we have that Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea set!!
  • So she's going to end up in on the game too?
  • That's the end already?!


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