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The New Bag Post

I'm a bag addict...it's a problem. And I'm apparently incapable of swapping out to a new bag without sharing it here on the ol' blog - the what's in my bag post is a classic after all!

BAG (other colours) // I bought this bag back in November, on a complete post-night shift payday impulse buy when we were wandering around John Lewis. I felt guilty about it for a few months so couldn't bring myself to use it (does anyone else get that, or is that just a weird quirk of mine?!). I couldn't pass it up - I love how cute this teeny tiny backpack is! I'm one of those people who will fill whatever bag I carry, that's why I tend to favour small bags - otherwise I just end up carting around everything but the kitchen sink around with me everyday! I'm loving this bag at the moment!

CARD HOLDER // I've been using this card holder for a couple of years now and it's still going strong! There is no way I can fit a 'proper' purse in this bag - plus I'm terrible at carrying cash anyway! I just keep my debit card and driving license in this pretty, sparkly lil buddy and it has been working out fine. It does make paying for parking a bit of a palaver though so I keep a stash of coins in a little coin purse out of sight in my car - it does the job! 

NUXE LIP BALM // My beloved Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream had to be sacrificed - there just isn't enough room in this bag for me to carry it around, I think I need to invest in the stick version to throw in my bag. Until then this Nuxe one is doing the job fine enough.

L'OCCITAINE AMANDE HAND CREAM // I feel like my hands are so dry all the time lately - I feel like I'm always reaching for this! I love how non-greasy this is, it makes applying it on-the-go so easy. I hate that feeling when you put hand cream on and then you can't touch/hold anything for the next fifteen minutes, so annoying!

APPLE EARPHONES // I seriously don't know why I even carry these, I never use them! I think I only keep them for emergencies if I get stuck somewhere on my own and need a distraction...

JO MALONE WHITE JASMINE & MINT COLOGNE // I hate the feeling of leaving the house without perfume one, this mini cologne is perfect for keeping in my bag for an emergency spritz.

MUJI 0.5 GEL PEN // Is it always handy to have a pen in your bag - these muji ones are my fave, they make my handwriting pass as halfway decent! 

PORTABLE CHARGER (not available - similar) // I've had this portable charger for a good couple of years now and it's still going strong! It can fully charge my iPhone a couple of times, and it's pretty slim for something that holds that much charge - mind you not having a portable charger with me is not an option - my iPhone 6 battery is really tragic!

Side note: I obviously carry my car keys with me too, and usually there's an umbrella (or two) thrown in the boot of my car to deal with the indecisive English weather.