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My Week In Numbers

I wanted to write a little 'week in my life' sort of post today, but considering I was at work six out of the seven days, I thought it might get a little repetitive! So instead I'm going to share what my week was like in numbers, I've already shared my Sunday in numbers and my weekend in numbers on the ol' blog before - I think it's a fun way to share what I've got up to, and bring something a bit more personal to the blog - I want to bring a bit more of 'me' back to the blog, I want to bring a bit more of a diary-like quality back, posts that I'll want to look back on to be reminded of thoughts/feelings in the future.

So here's what I got up to last week (i.e. the 3rd - 9th of April 2017)...

3 times my alarm went off at 04:30 for work (I hate early shifts when I have to wake up at that time, but by the time 13:30 rolls around and I'm leaving work, I love them!)
53 hours spent working, 3 earlys, 1 core day & 2 nights
1 iced mocha - my first of the year, when it was lovely and sunny on Monday afternoon 
1 episode of The Secret Life of the Zoo I watched on Wednesday - I'm so sad that this latest series has finished now!
3 Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils that I added to my bath on Tuesday evening - I was in need of a bit of pampering!
1 blog post I wrote on Wednesday all about the things that made me smile this past month
0.5 - the shade of the new foundation I treated myself to. Fun fact: a guy once described me as 'pearlescent'...
2 gelato sundaes that mum & I enjoyed on Thursday afternoon, we spent my day off this week mooching around town doing some shopping and finished off the afternoon with some pizza and gelato from Bella Italia - it was lush!
1 bath Little Prin had to have after she decided to chase some geese through the mud on our walk on Friday 
1 grocery shop done on Friday afternoon after work, I bloomin' hate doing the food shop!
3 hours spent with my grandparents for out Friday Night Dinner (so Gilmore of us!)
2 12 hour night shifts, Saturday and Sunday night - I spent Saturday night in Haematology and Sunday night in Blood Bank
1 incredible sunrise I managed to capture on my way home on Sunday morning 

1000 words of my Specialist Portfolio I managed to write over the course of my two night shifts 
27 crossmatches I did on my Sunday night shift
1 blog post I wrote on Sunday about my current skincare routine; spoiler - I'm obsessed with Origins now!
7 Instagram posts - I'm still going strong with my goal to share a photo every day this year (I'm over there @belsmay13 if you fancy following along!) 
1 litre of water drank before bed three nights in a row - this is quite the achievement because I'm terrible at drinking water!
20 ºC - highest temperature on Sunday, that I missed the majority of because I was asleep all morning!
6 visits to the asos website, trying to convince myself that I don't need these sandals...do I?
521 minutes I spent listening to the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno...It's hilarious, why am I so late on the bandwagon with this?!

Well that was my week!