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Insta-Lately // April 2017

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :) I'm attempting to post every single day of 2017 so if you want to see the other photos that didn't make the cut for this post then head over there!

My favourite form of self-care is settling down to re-read HP (again...) with a mahussive tumbler of Ribena and some form of chocolate - it's the ultimate re-set time for me!

On one of my random rest days this month, mum & I decided to head out for some gelato - it was so good! Mind you, we did get some weird looks at going in a restaurant and just ordering dessert...

Little Prin is the perfect snuggle buddy - I got back into my tumblr this month and I've fallen back in love with it again! I've found so much inspiration for my Instagram photos from my tumblr, it has been lovely! Curating my tumblr just makes me so happy (which is ridiculous, I know!) and I find it so much easier and less overwhelming than Pinterest.

I shared a bit of Monday Motivation - this is something I really need to remember at the moment. I'm currently working on my Specialist Portfolio at work and I put it off for the longest time because I just felt so overwhelmed by the thought of starting such a big piece of work again - this quote is the motivation I keep reminding myself of every time I get panicky over writing a piece of work for my portfolio - it has really been helping.

I'm a sucker for a novelty mug - when I found this mug I *had* to have it for Easter - isn't it cute?!

I couldn't pass up this beautiful bunch of hydrangeas and roses - mainly because I bloomin' love hydrangeas but also because I thought they'd look beaut on my insta - seriously though...

Is it even Easter if you don't share a photo of Easter choccy?! Somehow I've still got some Easter chocolate left!

See this cake? I actually baked it with my own fair hands (well with the help of the Kitchen Aid bobs)! The combination of  chocolate sponge, raspberry jam and Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing, melted dairy milk and mini eggs was just bloomin' delicious!

A big date in my calendar this month was the fact that PLL came back - tbh I spent most of the episode feeling very lost and confused - you can read my live-blogged thoughts throughout the ep. in this post!

How insanely cool is this wall at the restaurant I went out for dinner at last week? I kinda fell in love with these butcher-esque straw hats... It was a pretty crazy place, the table top was copper (if the lighting had been better it would've been my dream insta-shooting location!), most of the meals came on boards and the soup came in a metal tankard! I had a really lovely evening with some of my buddies from work!

What's this? I went out again for dinner? Twice in one weekend? My hermit ways were seriously challenged this month! I went out for dinner for my best friends sisters' hen party and had so much fun! 

I love this photo, there's no real reason for me including it other than the fact I'm just really proud of it! I love how clean and fresh it looks! Looking back on all of my photos from this past four months I'm so happy with how much posting everyday on Instagram has improved my photography (and photo editing!) skills!