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Happy Little Things #4

I seriously love writing these posts, I look forward to them each month! I think it's so important to take time to focus and celebrate the little, seemingly insignificant things that bring us joy each day.

So here's the little things that have made me smile this month...

  • my first iced coffee (well mocha because I'm not hardcore enough to enjoy straight up coffee!) of the year - so good
  • extra hours of daylight - seriously my mood has improved so much since daylight savings happened
  • driving around with sunglasses on, the windows down and good music on - is there anything better for an instant feel-good moment?
  • Cadbury mini eggs - enough said, I'll be so sad when they disappear from the supermarket shelves again
  • the first cup of tea in the morning - extra points if it's enjoyed from the comfort of your bed with the curtains open 
  • managing to get 100% sleep quality - oh yeah!
  • seeing my ponies canter across the field when I go down to feed them
  • being able to leave your 'big coat' at home - goodbye winter!
  • those first undeniable signs of Spring - daffodils, cherry blossom, blue skies
  • Dad's Army - I know this show is ridiculously old and I've watched every episode about a million times, this show never fails to make me laugh!
  • Discovering a new author and binge-reading their books (one book a night, oops!)
  • McVitie's Double Chocolate Digestives - try them, thank me later

What are the little things that have made you happy this month? Lemme know in the comments!