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Currently // 16.4

I love these quick-fire sharing posts, here's a roundup of all things 'currently' in my life...

Celebrating //  Easter! Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Sadly I missed out on making the most of the four day weekend because I was working on Good Friday night and Saturday night - but I plan on making the most of the Bank Holiday tomorrow to make up for it! 

Excited for // the final series of PLL - I've been an avid watcher of PLL since the beginning, I'm so excited to see how all of the craziness will end!

Grateful for // the warmer, sunnier weather we've been treated to lately - it has been glorious!

Listening to // I binge-listened (is that even a thing?!) to the first series of this podcast this past week. I've never been into podcasts before but this one is just too hilarious!

Loving // my Tumblr at the moment - I've found so much inspiration from there, the images are just beautiful!

Reading // I'm still working my way through the Holly Woods Files, I've not been reading as much this past month which is terrible, I really need to get back to reading every day.

Shopping // far too many Harry Potter t-shirts managed to accidentally fall into my basket when I was shopping in Primark the other day...oops! I've got my eye on these trainers - I've been wearing my cream/rose gold ones to death since I bought them last year - I think these might be my next payday treat!

Quoting // "Strive for progress, not for perfection" - definitely something I need to remember more frequently, I find it so easy to get paralysed and end up not being productive out of the fear of what I do not being good enough...

Watching // Car Share - mum and I watched all four episodes of the new series in one night, as soon as they were viable on iPlayer - the show is so bloomin' funny, it's genius! The fourth episode had us yelling at the iPad in disbelief, I can't believe they played us like that!

Working on // my Specialist Portfolio - actually properly this time! I'm really enjoying how much I'm learning, but it's making me realise how much I do already know and how much I've learnt in the past (almost) three years (wait, how has it been that long already?!) working as a BMS (biomedical scientist fyi) - it's such a nice, rewarding feeling.