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Planner Flip Through // February

It's time for another planner flip through! I really enjoyed sharing my weekly spreads last month so I figured that I'd keep it up this month! 

Also, I've decided to use this type of post as an opportunity not just to share how I laid my planner out this month, but also to share a little round up of my month, sharing bits and pieces I got up to, notable moments, you get the gist! I think it'd be something nice to look back on, a diary of sorts if you will!

February was a really mixed month for me; the first half of the month was really fun, I felt really happy but the second half of the month was just really 'blah' for me - I didn't felt very cheery, I didn't feel like myself, I didn't want to see/speak to my friends, I was feeling really overwhelmed by my over thinking and basically all I wanted to do was burrito in my bed and watch Netflix/Disney Life. Just keeping it real.

This 'Lets Stay Home' kit is from Harriet Wright Designs, I loved the combination of both the blue and pink for the transition week between January and February, I like how it incorporates the colours of both months. 

The first week of February I only worked on Monday night, after that I was on annual leave - yay! The first task I wanted to complete when I was annual leave was to completely overhaul our spare room. We just didn't need it as a spare bedroom anymore so we've converted it into a pretty beauty storage room instead, we put a new floor down, built some new bookcases and it just looks so different now, we love it! Other notable moments: I took my Nam & G (aka my grandparents) out for dinner, I absolutely love spending time with them! I also went to the cinema (and a cheeky pizza hut after!) with my best friend and my goddaughter - we saw Sing! - it was so good, I really enjoyed it! Seeing as I was on annual leave for another week, on Sunday I decided to treat myself to a manicure - I bloomin' love how they turned out!

This 'Love Bug' kit is another Harriet Wright Designs kit - I'm just obsessed with her kits! I thought it was so appropriate for February with all of the pink and hearts everywhere - so cute!

This week was another week of annual leave for me and it started off by going into work! My Nam likes to bake cakes for me to take into work for everyone to enjoy and she's been wanting to see the lab for ages now, so I figured it was the best time to take her in - she thoroughly enjoyed her trip, her reaction was "ooh I feel like I'm in a James Bond film!) - she's so cute! Of course I had to fit in a couple of shopping trips with Mum and Nam whilst I was off work: I made a trip to Primark (I'd not been in at least six months so I was well overdue a visit!) and had my first GBK experience after, it was so tasty! We finished off the week with 
a trip to Cheshire Oaks, a few naughty purchases were made and of course I couldn't be that close to Wagamama without having lunch there

This kit was the first I've ordered from Firefly Paper Shop, considering this shop is a relatively new one I was so impressed with the the design and the quality of this kit (I've got my eye on this beautiful kit next!), my only issue is that with it being based in America the shipping is a little bit of an eye-widener (as expected!), but I think that as a treat every now and then it's completely worth the splurge!

I was back at work this week, not gonna lie it was a sucky, it was Valentines and as a Single Pringle I really don't deal with it well - it just brings up all the self-doubt/self-loathing that I can usually subdue every day right up to the surface. Not fun. I had a relatively okay week at work, it was a nice and varied week and I survived my day in Special Coag (I'm just not as comfortable in there as I am in the other sections so it's always a bit stressful!). Over the weekend we finally got around to booking our hotel for our Appleby trip - I'm taking my Grandad up there for his holiday this year, we went last year and it was surprisingly fun! Also, in a moment of bleh I subscribed to Disney Life and it was the best decision ever - I've been watching old school Disney for the last couple of weeks and it has been amazing!

My final kit that I used in February was this Passionate Pink kit from Morello Paperie (which is on sale at the moment!) I love the colour combination in this kit - it reminds me of Valentines chocolate! Plus the little kitty cupid is so cute!

This week was probably my worst one for me feeling blah, I don't think my night shifts helped - after nights I always feel a bit sorry for myself! My favourite day of the week was when I spent my random rest day curled up in bed having a High School Musical marathon - it was fabulous! Bloody Storm Doris on Thursday really hit us hard: it literally blew my ponies stable away - it ended up in a tree (it was all very Wizard of Oz-esque!) plus it blew down the plum tree in our garden! This past weekend was jam-packed full of fun though, it was my Nams birthday on Saturday so we went out for a really lovely dinner at one of our local traditional pubs. And then on Sunday it was my goddaughters 6th birthday party - it was so sweet seeing her run around and have fun with her little friends!

So that was February via my planner, I love how each of the spreads were different but still in keeping with the pink/valentines theme!