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On My Radar // March

Well this is new isn't it? 

I'm trying something new for my last post of the month this month, I've shared a favourites post at the end of each month for over a year now and tbh I'm kinda over them. I think that just happens sometimes, things can get overdone and then trying to make yourself to write a post about something you're already sick of is such a struggle.

So, I've decided to ditch the favourites most this month, well not completely ditch - more like modify! I'm going to be sharing some clothes, products, posts, videos, whatever takes my fancy tbh - let's do this...

ONE // every twenty something grandma

I am the definition of a twenty something grandma! I was nodding along and giggling at every single one of these picture!

TWO // wedding guest dresses

I've got my first wedding I'll be attending as proper grown up (when did I suddenly get old enough to have friends that are getting married?!) wedding guest coming up in a couple of months so I've started having a look online for a dress to wear. So far this one, this one, this one and this one (I bloomin' love the back of this one!) are contenders.

THREE // disneyland Paris 'illuminations'

I've never really been interested in watching the Disney Parks shows but I saw some of the videos on twitter for their new show and I was amazed at the incredible spectacle that they are! I originally (and apparently naively) thought they were a few fireworks and a bit on animation being projected onto the castle - but they're so much more! I can't get over how visually stunning and captivating this show is - I loved all of the songs in it and how they flowed seamlessly and how the lights and fountains were coordinated with the projections was just beautiful! 

FOUR // origins skincare

On a post-night shift whim I decided to change up my skincare routine - my previous one wasn't really doing anything for my skin and I found I wasn't enjoying looking after my skin so a change was needed! I went for this Origins gift set (after a long wander around John Lewis!) after a really in-depth and detailed with the sales assistant - she did a great job! I've been using this new skincare system for about a month now and I'm loving it - my skin is looking really clean and feels so moisturised - I'm really impressed, I think a whole blog post needs to dedicated to it soon!

FIVE // beauty and the beast film

I've got no shame in admitting that I loved this film far more than I was expecting to - it was bloody brilliant! I wasn't expecting to be as impressed with Emma Watson as Belle as I was - I thought she was the perfect Belle! And as for Matthew Crawley (aka Dan Stevens) as the Beast - I loved him - when he sang Evermore I nearly cried - his voice and those lyrics - ugh so good! Speaking of songs, I've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop ever since seeing the film! Ooh also, I adored the Be Our Guest scene - it was so beautifully presented! I'm seriously contemplating going to the cinema to watch it again...

SIX // the secret life of the zoo

I've binge-watched this programme (all three series of it!) in the past week or so and I'm bloomin' obsessed. I absolutely love seeing the behind the scenes of the zoo, plus it's the zoo that we go to so it's really lovely to see it and get to know the personality of the animals more.  I've got a new-found obsession with black rhinos - I just love them, they're like giant puppies!


So that's my new 'end of the month' post - I really liked writing this, I didn't feel constricted in what I could feature, I like the random-ness of this collection of bits and pieces, it feels very 'me'!