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My Top 5 Disney Films

Disney movies have always been my favourite films to watch - there's something so comforting about snuggling up and getting lost in a Disney film for a couple of hours. I recently signed up to Disney Life and I've been existing in a little Disney movie bubble ever since - I've not watched anything apart from Disney films for the last couple of weeks...and it has been ace! So in honour of my newly rekindled Disney obsession I thought I'd share my top five Disney films...

1. LILO & STITCH // I mean, isn't it obvious that Stitch is my most favourite Disney character ever?! I cry at this film without fail every single time I watch it - I just love it. I love the Elvis songs, I love the setting, I love the lack of a traditional romance, but most of all I love the concept of "little and broken, but still good" - it really resonates with me.

2. TANGLED // As a general rule Disney princess movies aren't my favourite - but this one has to make my list. I love all of the songs, if I could marry a Disney character it'd be Flynn and Maximus is just adorable.

3. CARS // I don't know what it is about this relatively non-cult Disney movie that makes it one of my favourites, but it is! It's such a sweet, easy to watch, feel-good movie.

4. UP // Oh god, all of the feels - just all of them. 

5. INSIDE OUT // This film was so incredibly well done (in my mind anyway) that it will forever be one of my favourites. I love the honest portrayal of emotions and the combination of them and what happens when one emotion overrules the others - I think that all of these big mental health messages wrapped up in a Disney animation is really forward thinking in helping children to subconsciously understand emotions more. Whilst this film isn't one I'd rewatch over and over, I think it's too important to not be one of my favourite!

{bonus mention} PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN // Until this past weekend I'd never watched any of the Pirates of the Caribbean films (shocking, I know!)! I watched the first movie this weekend and I'm obsessed, I loved it! I love how funny Captain Jack is, I love how loyal Jack, Elizabeth & Will are and I love the scenery, it's stunning. Plus I love how bloomin' long the films are - you really get sucked into another world for a couple of hours, I like that escapism!

So there are my fave Disney movies! What're your most favourite Disney Films? Like I said, I'm on a binge-watch at the moment so let me know your faves so I can rewatch them!