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Insta-Lately // March 2017

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :) I'm attempting to post every single day of 2017 so if you want to see the other photos that didn't make the cut for this post then head over there!

This months Insta-Lately is a couple of days early because I've got a post for all about Daylight Savings (yay for longer days!) that'd be more appropriate to go up on Sunday than this one, so check back then!

Anyway, onto my fave photos from my insta from March:

I bloomin' love the quote pages at the start of each month in my Erin Condren Life Planner - this month's is so pretty and the quote is something I've flipped back to time and time again over the past few weeks for a little reminder.

It was World Book Day this month so obviously I had to share my absolute most favourite series, growing up I read and re-read HP books all the time. Reading them as an adult is like coming home - it's so magically comforting, I'll never get tired of HP!

I've seriously been getting my moneys worth from Disney Life this month - I just can't get enough! I've been loving re-watching all of my fave Disney movies! I also fell in love with The Pirates of the Caribbean - I've never seen these films before and now they've become some of my favourites!

How can I possibly get any work done when this adorable munchkin is distracting me?! She's just too cute, I can't!

Saturdays are meant for yummy breakfasts in bed, right?! I'm no Nigella in the kitchen (far from it!) so when I saw these frozen chocolate chip pancakes in Iceland I snatched them up! Three minutes in the toaster and you've got delicious pancakes with none of the mess of actually making pancakes, winner!

Taking my contact lenses out after a long shift is one of my most favourite little pleasures in life! Add  a hot chocolate and an early bedtime into that equation and I'm in heaven! I'm such a grandma!...

It's official, this past month we had some actual Spring-y weather! It meant that I broke out my sunnies and my short sleeved striped shirts for the first time this year - yay! The fact that Spring is on its way has improved my mood immensely, I'm so ready for Winter to be over now!

I did a thing...I bought my first ever MacBook! I've been wanting a MacBook for years now, I've been saving up for it for a little while (I kept dipping into it to support my handbag addition - oops!) and I finally bit the bullet and treated myself this month! I'm telling myself that it's because I need an actual laptop to work on my portfolio at home, but not gonna lie - it's definitely partly for blogging too! I definitely underestimated how it'd be working with an Apple computer, I've been a Microsoft gal through and through until now! It's quite nice learning how to use a new bit of tech though!

When the weather was all sunny and warm I bought some tulips to bring a little bit of Spring inside - and then the weather changed and it has been chilly and pouring down with rain ever since! 

I had a bit of a blog-appreciation day the other day - I dedicated a couple of hours to getting lost in my Bloglovin' feed and came away with so much inspiration and love for the blogging community! It really made me think how little I do to show my appreciation for the posts I read, with the exception of a retweet here and there - I'm such a silent reader, I don't ever comment (it's terrible, I know!)! So I scrapped the original idea for my blog post last week and decided to share a few of the blog posts I really enjoyed reading - this is the post if you fancy a read too!