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How to give your life a spring clean

Well, it's official - Spring is here! The clocks have sprung forward and everything! 

On a side note: this year, I've found the whole daylight saving thing particularly struggle-some, I had to get up at 04:30 for my shift at work which was actually 03:30 - ugh! Plus, I must've spent an hour total of my day checking multiple clocks because some had been changed and some hadn't (ooh the excitement!) trying to figure out what the bloody time *actually* was!

Anyway, enough of my moaning on about one measly hour change! On to todays post:

I love that happy and uplifting feeling Spring brings; I feel a million times better when I get up/leave work and it's light, I love how the weather starts to brighten up - a little bit of sunshine and I'm a very happy gal, but most of all I love how Spring signifies change. It practically begs you to sort your life out and get your sh*t together. I always think that Spring helps to give me a kick up the derrière, like a wake up call that oh my god, three months (a quarter!) of the year has already flown by and what the bloody hell have you accomplished in it? 

So, in that spirit; here's how I plan on kick starting the rest of my year, making the most of it and not wasting it away in a duvet burrito, getting those accusatory 'are you still watching' comments from Netflix (Netflix, I thought we were buddies, I don't need you judging me!) because it's so bloody cold and rainy (well not so as much!)...anyway -


Like actually deep clean your space, not just that half-hearted quick dust and throwing the hoover round you do before people come round (guilty...). Get out the rubber gloves (or not because wearing gloves make me feel a bit claustrophobic!) and get stuck in. Clean the windows, treat your carpet to a stain remover treatment, tackle the state that your oven has become (I always forget the oven!). It's a big task to undertake but you'll feel so much better once it has been done!


Just as you've managed to get your skin under control after the freezing temps of winter and gotten rid of those dry patches, the weather is changing and your skin is having a complete breakdown over it. Dig out those purifying masks, put away those extra-hydrating moisturisers and pull out that miracle spot treatment that saved your skin at the start of the winter - you're about to become bffs again - yay!


Unsubscribe to all of those pesky emails (I did this at the start of the year and already I've managed to accumulate a tonne of annoying emails since then!), organise those files cluttering up your desktop, download those updates! We're all guilty of clicking 'not yet' for weeks on end but we really should just bite the bullet and do it! 


In the same vein as decluttering my tech - I like to back up my photos and then delete them off my phone - I find it very cleansing to clear all the photos off my phone!


Not only because they're the perfect addition to your Instagram grid (!!) but because they're pretty and really brighten up your space. My favourite at the moment are tulips at the moment - mainly because they don't require much arranging, I can plonk them in a giant mason jar and they look great!


I'm so guilty of basically spending the winter hibernating - I practically only leave my house if I absolutely need to because, it's cold and rainy and I just can't be dealing with that! When the weather starts getting more sunny and warmer I love starting to venture outside again. Little Prin loves it when springtime rolls around again, we both enjoy the walks so much more! Plus, sunshine in England = beer garden time. 


Ugh, all those tedious jobs that you've been moving from one to do list to the next - like booking a doctors appointment, filing your important paperwork, replying to those wedding invites (errr, when did I get old enough for my friends to be getting married?!), make yourself an expenses spreadsheet. Yes, they're boring but no they don't take very long, plus the feeling accomplishment you get when you finally tick them off your list definitely deserves a little treat!


Speaking off little treats - when you're busy swapping out your wardrobe for the new season your bound to donate/throw some items away (well that's the aim anyway...) which means there will be room for new things - yay shopping time! Every Spring I like to buy a new pair of sandals (or two, oops!) and some new espadrilles - I live in these for the spring/summer months, so they really need to be replaced each year! But treat yourself, everyone should celebrate making it through another winter - whether it be with a new bag, some new sunnies, another striped top that you already have a million of (is that just me?...).


Either grab your bucket and sponge and do it yourself (there's bound to be a good day for it sooner or later!) or go and have your car washed - get rid of the mud and grime that has accumulated whilst you've been putting off cleaning your car! And don't forget the inside, tidy up the glove compartment, hoover the mats and dust down your dashboard. It's quite eye-opening seeing how much dust/grime accumulates in your car! 


Spring means that summer is just around the corner so get planning a get away to make the most of the summer sun - after all, there's no guarantee of it with a British Summer!


Take a step back and just reassess each aspect of your life; your career, your family, your finances, your relationships, your goals. Look at them with an open mind, and question what they are contributing to your life? Are you where you want to be with them? Do they bring you joy? It can be tough but sometimes you need to make that conscious decision to make changes.