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Happy Little Things #3

I come to love sharing a post in this new series - it's really lovely, collating the little things that make me smile or bring me joy throughout the month and having them to look back on. So I've been keeping a note on my phone of my happy little things from this past month ready to share in this post...

  • Subscribing to Disney Life - one of the best decisions I've ever made, I've been working my way through all of the Disney Channel Original Movies and loving it!
  • CT Pillow Talk lip combo - the perfect 'my lips but better' shade!
  • Pancake Day! Every Pancake Day we go to my Nam & G's (my grandparents) for pancakes for dinner - it's always so funny, we get so helpless with laughter that our flipping gets quite haphazard!
  • Having blue hair for a day! Teenage me would've loved it! I picked up this new temporary dye and was so impressed with it - usually blue hair doesn't show up very well on my dark brown hair but I was pleasantly surprised with this one!
  • Lighter nights starting to emerge - leaving work at almost 6pm and it not being pitch black puts me in such a good mood!
  • Making nutella and banana french toast for breakfast - yummm!
  • Finding new Disney vlogggers to watch - Tom&Sophie are my latest faves, I'm working my way through all of their Disney trips
  • When a song finishes just as your pull into your driveway and put your car in park
  • Having cereal for dinner - is there anything more comforting?
  • Re-reading Harry Potter - I bloody love re-reading this series every so often, I think it becomes more magical each time!

I love how these random little things really brightened up my days. What happy little things have you experienced this week?

P.S. here's the previous two instalments in this series, one & two, if you fancy a read!