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Currently // 15.3

I love these quick-fire sharing posts, here's a roundup of all things 'currently' in my life...

Celebrating //  the fact that it feels like winter *might* (lets not speak too soon!) be nearly over and Spring *might* (just possibly) be around the corner. We've been getting a few days of warmth and sunshine each week for the last couple of weeks plus the days are starting to get longer so it feels like Spring is on its way! My mood has already started to improve, yay!

Excited for // my MacBook Air to arrive tomorrow! I've never been part of the MacBook club before so I'm really excited for it!

Grateful for // all of the help we had after Storm Doris. In case you didn't know Storm Doris decided to literally blow my ponies stable away - it ended up in a tree - not even exaggerating! A group of friends/family came together to help us a) remove it from said tree and b) rebuild it again considering it was pretty much flat-packed again! Now it's as good as new! It was such a big job that there's no way we could've done it on our own.  

Listening to // I usually just put my music on shuffle when I get in the car but lately I've been having the Kill the Lights album (Luke Bryan) on repeat because I've found myself replaying pretty much all of the songs from it when they've come on shuffle. My faves are Razor Blade and Just Over - so good!

Loving // Easter chocolate - mini eggs, golden eggs & malteser bunnies have been my weakness lately!

Reading // I've just discovered Emma Hart and fell in love with her writing style! I'm currently working my way through her Holly Woods Files series and bloomin' loving them! Such quick and easy chick-flick reads but with a bit of crime/detective-ing thrown in for good measure - my perfect combination!

Shopping // I shared a spring wishlist earlier this week, I'm currently stalking ASOS in the hope that this stunner of a dress will come back in stock! Also I completely fell in love with these blue-lense sunglasses today - I need them, they'd match my car!

Quoting // "it was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold, when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade" // "worrying means you suffer twice"

Watching // All of the Disney Films! I on a real Disney kick at the moment, I'm currently working my way through the Pirates of the Caribbean films - I've never watched them before! Captain Jack is just hilarious!

Working on // my finances. Ugh, adulting. I'm fairly good at managing my finances but there's still some improvements I want to make. I want to make sure I'm accountable each month for my spending - so I've made myself a little spreadsheet and set myself some goals!