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Three Things // February

So in lieu of a monthly favourites post, I'm sharing my top three things I've been loving this month - let's go!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation // My skin has been terrible this month - so all I've wanted to do is slap on foundation to cover it up (probably not the best course of action, I know!) and this one has been the one I've been reaching for. It's pretty much the same full-coverage effect of the original Double Wear foundation but it doesn't feel as heavy on the skin (I find the original to feel a smidge mask-like by the end of the day!) which I really appreciate. I've been wearing this so much lately, even for 12 hour shifts at work and it still looks good at the end of the day!

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' Lip Combo // Could I bang on about this combo any more? I mean I wittered on for half of a blog post about it! I just bloody love it, I can't get enough! This combo has officially converted me to wearing lipstick on a daily basis, before I'd just whack on a bit of lip balm because I'd feel too 'done up' wearing lipstick in the day but I've been finding myself reaching to slick this combo pretty much every day - does the fact I'm wearing lippy every day mean that I'm officially adulting?!

Disney Life // I have no shame in admitting to the fact that I still love watching Disney movies at my age. I've not had the best mental health month this past month: all I've been wanting to do is curl up in my bed, be on my own and watch something comforting on my laptop. Enter, Disney Life - there's nothing more comforting than Disney movies, am I right? I got a subscription and I've been working my way through all my old favourite movies all month. First up was the HSM trilogy - I realised I'd never watched HSM 3 (sacrilege, I know), so obviously I had to re-watch the first two first! On a side note: If my Troy is out there and wants to bring me pizza and chocolate covered strawberries, I wouldn't turn him away! I've now moved onto the other Disney Channel Original Movies, I'm talking the Lizzie McGuire Movie, Camp Rock, the Cheetah Girls  - yesss!

So those are my top three things for February, an eclectic mix as always! What've you been loving this month?