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My Daily Essentials

Everyone has those things they just can't get through the day without - well tbh you could, but it'd be a struggle! So I thought I'd have share a little roundup of my daily essentials, those bits and pieces that make each day run a little smoother:

  • Setting my alarm ten minutes early - having those extra ten minutes to scroll through social media fully wake up before I actually have to start my day really help to ease me into things.
  • Hair mousse - finding this mousse has been a game-changer, it's saved me from having to wash my hair every morning (yessss!) - anything that gives me longer in bed in a morning is a win from me!
  • A speedy makeup routine - like this one! Because I don't feel ready for the day if I don't look at least a little put together.
  • My morning cup of tea - my first cuppa of the day is my favourite, I think it always tastes the best!
  • Spritzing my favourite perfume before I run out the door.
  • Wearing my sketchers shoes for work - they're not the most aesthetically pleasing shoes ever, but bloody hell they are so comfy for spending the majority of my shifts on my feet, running round the lab!
  • A carefully curated pen selection - I'm a stationery addict and my labcoat pen selection has been carefully curated. Having a packed pocket of pens may seem excessive, but I seriously do use them all every day!
  • An afternoon diet coke - I need this little caffeine boost to get me through the second half of my day, otherwise I end up being a smidge grumpy...
  • Listening to a country playlist on the way home from work - I've become quite partial to a drive ft. a sing-a-long.
  • Getting some headspace - I've been making a conscious effort to work more on my self-care lately, and this app has really been helping focus my meditation through a ten minute training session each night. I've become really dependent on that time to help calm my mind.
  • My pre-bed moisturising routine - this overnight face mask, this lip balm and this hand salve are my dry skin saviours for the winter.

So these are my daily essentials, what are yours? Are any of my daily essentials the same as yours? Lemme know in the comments!