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How to Survive Valentine's Day as a Singleton

Oh Valentine's Day: one of those days of the year that my single status becomes glaringly obvious - yay!

I really try to get on board with Valentine's Day, I'm all for using February 14th as a reminder to tell your best friends/family that you love and appreciate them, I try to embrace all things pink/red/heart-covered (especially these pjs & this top) and I'm all for a holiday that encourages chocolate consumption. 

The simple act of one guy way back when signing his last letter to the woman he'd fallen in love with 'Your, Valentine' (plot twist: his name) after he'd been sentenced to death for deciding to arrange marriages when Emperor Claudius II had banned them has spawned a million-dollar industry for just one day of the year - all in the name of 'love'. What a crazy little thing. 

But this whole Hallmark Holiday thing, the pressure that everyone seems to have in trying to outdo each other - just seems a bit much to me, if you ask me it detracts from the spirit of Valentine's - just simply loving one another - something that the world we're in at the moment could do with a whole lot more of!

Personally I reckon ol' St Valentine would be all for the idea of using Valentine's Day as a day to share the love with everyone we know: family, friends, pets - not just a couples exclusive thing...but maybe that's just the bitter singleton in me wanting to celebrate a day that's 'meant for couples' :P

Anyway, I plan on spending this Valentine's Day focusing on myself, here are the tips I'm going to employ as I try to survive Valentine's Day as a singleton this year:

Buy yourself fresh flowers // couples don't have the monopoly on buying flowers, I know that, but I hardly ever indulge in buying fresh flowers for myself - god knows why because they brighten up my mood no end (not least because I know they'll make the perfect prop for some blog/insta photos!). I'm going to make the effort this year to pick up some fresh flowers to stick in my giant mason jar, why not eh?  

Treat yo'self // I'm a big believer in retail therapy, whilst everyone else on your newsfeed is getting spoiled why not spoil yourself? Maybe there's a new handbag that you've had your eye on for a while or that fluffy cushion from Matalan that everyone has been raving over lately or some new trainers have been bopping in and out of your asos bag for a few months. Just go for it, treat yourself - it won't fail in cheering you up!

Pamper yourself // Book yourself in for a manicure, try out that new sheet mask in your beauty cabinet, have a luxurious bath with that bath oil you save for special occasions - spoil yourself, practise some self-care and show yourself some love - be your own bloomin' Valentine.

Galentine's/Palentine's // Grab your best ones and spend an evening celebrating your love for each other. Head out for a night on the town, get a little tipsy, go crazy on the dance floor or stay in, order pizza and binge-watch rom-coms or get all dressed up and go out for a fancy-smancy dinner - make an effort to spend time with the ones you love and celebrate them.

Play cliche Valentine's bingo when you scroll through social media // now this is a bit of a tongue in cheek suggestion - but we all know we'll be doing it when we have a scroll through fb/instagram on the morning of Valentine's day! Keep a tally of how many #luckygirl, MK bags, cuddly toys, #spoilt, wedding proposals, bottles of bubbles you see on social media all day - it'll keep you busy for sure! 

So there are my tips for surviving Valentine's Day, who cares if you're a single pringle, be your own Valentine!