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Happy Little Things #2

I loved sharing the first instalment of this new series last month - it was really nice to collate the little things that made me smile or brought me joy throughout the month and have them to look back on. So I've been keeping a note on my phone of my happy little things from this past month ready to share in this post...

  • Post-night shift pamper afternoons - treating myself to a face mask, a fancy face oil treatment & a a long, relaxing bath is the perfect pick me up to help make me feel more human and less vampire-ish after nights!
  • Taking my goddaughter to the cinema and watch her dance around to the music in the film
  • Rewatching old favourite tv shows - it's like a warm hug when you're feeling a bit meh
  • That feeling of accomplishment after successfully building flat-packed furniture without having a mental breakdown
  • My pre-bed cup of tea - especially after a night shift
  • Our new superfast internet - up until about three weeks ago we were still struggling on with our internet via copper wires (the downside to living in the middle of nowhere!) - but our area *finally* got fibre optic broadband and oh my goodness it has been life changing! I mean two iPads can now play YT videos at the same time and downloading a film now only take 5 minutes instead of the 8+ hours it used to take...
  • Having a clean car - I'd been putting off washing my car for ages (it was embarrassingly overdue!) because it has been so bloomin' cold! I finally gave in and took my car to be cleaned and it looks so much better again now! I just feel so awkward and princess-y sitting in my car while someone else washes it for me - anyone else feel like that?
  • Wagamama's! I've been craving Wagamama's since before Christmas and last week we finally went and got one - it was delicious, so worth the wait!
  • Taking my grandparents out for dinner - I'm so lucky that I can spend time with them, we have so much fun when we're together!
  • Having unexpected good hair days

I love how these random little things really brightened up my days. What happy little things have you experienced this week?