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Currently // 15.2

I love these quick-fire sharing posts, here's a roundup of all things 'currently' in my life...

Excited for // The weather starting to look a little bit like winter is thawing out into spring - the other day I was actually driving round with windows open and my sunglasses on. It's crazy how a little bit of sunshine and temperatures finally double digits can improve your mood!

Grateful for // Having the last two weeks of work (for the price of only 6 days - wooop!). Don't get me wrong I seriously love my job but having a little break from the stress was very welcome! I jam-packed fun into those two weeks though: I re-decorated the spare room, had a few too many shopping trips (I'm counting down the days 'til payday already!) and finally caught up on my netflix queue - priorities, right?

Listening to // Una Healys solo album - The Waiting Game. I was never a fan of the Saturdays but this country album has really surprised me with how much I like it! So far The Waiting Game & Stay My Love are my faves. Also Little Big Town's new album is about to be released and I've been playing Happy People on repeat - I love it!

Loving // Wagamama. I've had a really craving for Wagamama since before Christmas, and last week we finally went and satisfied that craving - it was so good! It's a bit of a trek for us (about an hours drive) but it was so worth it, we went twice when I was on annual leave!

Reading // There's a few books that I'm working my way through at the moment: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake, pre-bed I like to read a few chapters of HP (I'm working my way through the series again, every time I re-read this series I fall more and more in love with it!) and Abbi Glines has just released the first book in a new series (which is a combo of my 2 fave series of hers) Like a Memory.

Shopping // I'm finding it really hard to resist this Mickey & Minnie t-shirt - it's so cute! How many striped shirts in your wardrobe is too many? Because this one is calling my name. Oh and these candles, 1. how pretty? 2. this casa pacifica one sounds right up my street!

Quoting // "When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars." // "February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer."

Watching // I'm re-watching Full House at the moment (just when I want something on in the background that I don't have to concentrate on) - I bloomin' love that show! I'm also working my way through season 7 of The Vampire Diaries. Plus a new show has recently started airing every Sunday - The Good Karma Hospital - it's so good, I love Sunday night ITV dramas.

Working on // setting up my blog-y bullet journal - I need to find a way to make me more organised with my posts/social media updates and just generally keep track of my blog a bit better.