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2 Current Favourite Nude Lipsticks

I'm much more of a lip balm > lipstick/lip gloss kinda gal - well I was until the last few months. Sure, I'd slap on a bit of warpaint lipstick when I'd go out of an evening (every so often!) but on an everyday basis I just felt that wearing lipstick made me a little too dressed up and fancy for just pottering around the shops. 

So anyway, I thought I'd share the couple of lipstick/lip liner combos that I can manage to wear on a random day without feeling like everyone is staring at me when I leave the house - winner!

Side note: both combos are from Charlotte Tilbury (I can't help it, I fell in love with her lipsticks when I had some of the mini's in a Christmas gift set last Christmas) - both were purchased by myself in a moment of post-night shift delirium (yep, my bank balance hates me now).

PILLOW TALK LIP CHEAT & PILLOW TALK LIPSTICK // I seriously love this combination - I can see myself wearing it everyday: it's so easy to wear, it lasts all day (even through a cheeky GBK lunch) and it's so unobtrusive - it's that shade that everyone is always searching for, completely 'your lips but better'. 
Tbh I've avoided the whole matte lipstick trend so far because anything that accentuates my already dry lips is automatic pass from me, but I decided to give this matte revolution formula a go because the shade just had me all a flutter, I needed it in my life. What I was most surprised about was how hydrating this lipstick is, it's completely the opposite of what I was expecting from a matte formula - application is creamy and tug-free, and my lips don't feel dry at the end of the day - they still feel hydrated!  

PINK VENUS LIP CHEAT & BITCH PERFECT LIPSTICK // Bitch Perfect was one of the lipsticks I had as a mini-version in that Christmas gift set, I've been reaching for it on the regular since then. As I was wearing it though, I felt like I needed a lip liner, things were just looking a little messy without one (I don't know if that's the formula or if I'm just incapable - I suspect it's the latter!). I picked up the big version of the lipstick and the corresponding lip cheat and I'm sooo happy with them! I love the subtle peachy pink, it adds a bit of colour without being too 'in your face' for me to be comfortable to wear. This formula is one of their K.I.S.S.I.N.G (bloody hell that was a pain to type out!) lipsticks - which is more glossy and hydrating than the matte revolution. I find that this lipstick wears off more easily than the matte revolution one (as to be expected) but with this nude colour the fading isn't that noticeable so I don't find myself worrying about having to reapply it post-burger/hot chocolate. 

I feel an obsession with CT lipsticks coming on, in fact I've got my eye on the lip glosses that go along with these two combos (High SocietySweet Stiletto, fyi)...

Are you a fan of nearly there nude, your lips but better lipsticks?