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Three Things // January

Instead of a monthly favourites post this year (I got a little meh about them towards the end of last year and found myself struggling to pull together a completely new set of favourite items each month) I thought I'd just share three things that have I've really enjoyed or things that played a big part in the month, so let's kick off my first Three Things post of the year!

ALL THE GREY JUMPERS // All I seem to want to wear at the moment is a grey jumper, jeans and boots. Whenever I pop into a shop or have a browse online I seem to end up buying another grey jumper - I just can't help myself! I bought this one, and this one, and this one this month but I've also got my eye on this one (I love the bow detail on it!) - I think I need an intervention!

NIKE TRAINERS // I've been wanting some black Nike trainers for a good couple of years but I never managed to bite the bullet and buy some for myself,  I bought myself some black trainers from Primark to wear when I'm on out-of-hours shifts at work and I literally wore them every time I was on shift for the past year - I got so much use out of them! So mum bought me the Nike ones I'd been lusting after for Christmas and I've worn them so much already! 

KHIELS HAND SALVE // I've banged on about this hand cream so much this month (sorry!) but honestly this has changed my life! With working in a lab I wash my hands a zillion times a day, plus wearing latex gloves every day dry my hands out, add onto that the fact that it's been bloody freezing outside this month my hands have been seriously suffering. Enter this hand slave that has saved my skin! Seriously, using this every night completely fixes the the dehydrated sandpaper-y (niiice, I know!) state that my hands end up in every day. Life-changing. If you're in need of a new hand cream then give this one a go, you'll love it!

So those are my three things for January, what've been your top three things this past month?