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How to fit blogging in when you work full-time

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When you work full time it sometimes feels hard to fit in time for anything else other than just vegging out in front of netflix in a blanket burrito when you get home from work (no? just me?...), sometimes it's especially hard to find the time (and let's be honest, the motivation sometimes!) to fit blogging into your schedule.

For me, blogging is (and will remain to be) just a hobby for me, it's a creative outlet from my science-y job and I enjoy spending my evenings/weekends trying my hand at writing, editing, photography - but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day (or week!) to fit everything in. There are times (like tonight - oops!) where I've done a full shift at work, come home, had dinner, faffed around on the Internet for a while and only sat down at 9pm to think of/plan/write/photograph a new post that needs to go up tonight - eeshk! 

So, to avoid moments like this (if you don't have a time turner or Bernard's watch to hand...) here are some of my tips and tricks on how to fit blogging in when you work full time:

Be realistic with your time // If you can manage to put up a post (and all of the social media that goes along with it) every day then please teach me your ways! There's no point in trying to commit to having a new post up every day if your work schedule just won't allow it, you'll end up burning yourself out creatively and emotionally and you'll come to see blogging as a chore - and there's no way you can be creative if you feel uninspired. Figure out how many times a week you can realistically manage to create a post and stick to that, don't try to take on too much - you do have another job too!

Schedule your promotion // your promotional tweets, your instagram captions, your facebook page status' - everything you can schedule, do it! You take the time to do it once (for the next day or for the whole week if you're feeling impressively organised!) and then you don't have to think about it again. You'll be working away and your social media will be driving traffic to your blog without you having to spend your breaks glued to your phone - winner.

Plan ahead // some people swear by an editorial calendar they set up each month - one brainstorming session and their content for a whole month is pre-planned, it just needs to be executed - genius. I'm just not that organised, so whenever I finish a post and schedule it to go live I start planning the next one. This gives me a couple of days to come up with an idea, jot some notes in my notebook about what I want to share and what sort of photograph I want to include - then I just have to take the photo and knock out the text  (using my pre-planned notes!) before I want the post to go live.

Use your drafts // I swear by creating draft posts, I like to keep a stash of draft titles ready for when my inspiration is a little bit lacking - whenever you get an idea for a post, create a draft title and then you'll have a bank of posts ready to be planned and executed for when you're feeling like you just don't know what to write about.

Make the most of your 'free time'  // When I'm home from work or on my days off I'll most likely be doing some sort of bloggy stuff (I don't like to call it work!). One of my better plans is spending the time on my days off actually writing, photographing and scheduling my posts for the week (this rarely happens though because I'm such a procrastinator! But if it did, I know it'd make my blogging life so much easier!) - then all the blog work is done before the next working week starts. All I have to do each night is tap away on my laptop whilst watching netflix scheduling my social media for the next day - the 'hard' work of actually creating the post is already done!

Create a checklist // When you work full time you want to be able to quickly and easily work on your blog - create yourself a checklist of things you need to get done to have a post up (write the text, take the photo, format the post, add links, schedule post, schedule social media, add to facebook page) - then this routine will just become second nature whenever you post and you won't have forgotten anything!

Bulk photograph // This is another thing I need to get better at (especially since I'm trying to post every day this year on my instagram!) - taking a load of 'generic' photos when you have the time (on your days off!) so then you have a stash of photos that just need to have a quick edit before being able to be used. None of this destroying half your bedroom trying to get a half-decent flat-lay shot in terrible lighting after you've put in a full day at work! This would make my life so much easier...

So there are my tips on how to fit blogging into your schedule when you work full time - now I just need to get better at practising what I preach!...