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Happy Little Things #1

Last month I stumbled across Katie's hashtag on twitter #TodayImGrateful. I really enjoyed finding a collection of a few little things that brought me joy and made me grateful each day. So, I decided that I'd take a leaf out of Katy's blog (a different Katie!) and start sharing some of the good things that are so easy to overlook...

  • When I was driving home and two of my fave songs played back to back - ugh so good!
  • Having leftover Chinese takeout for lunch - I honestly think that takeout tastes even better the day after!
  • Sherlock being back on the telly - yessss! I bloomin' love this show!
  • Pre-ordering books on my kindle and forgetting about them - it's like a surprise present every time I turn my kindle on. I really need to work on reading more, I let it slide towards the end of the year and spend far too much time on social media/youtube instead - which really messed with my sleeping.
  • Having a good clean up, clear out and tidy of my room - ugh there's something so mentally cleansing about sorting out your living space
  • Meal planning - we're trying to get better at grocery shopping/meal planning - one week in and we're still going strong!
  • I started my new Erin Condren planner this week and I'm so in love with it! There's something about a fresh new planner that makes me feel so much more productive
  • Frosty mornings were made so much more enjoyable when Little Prin was bounding along by my side - she's so funny in the frost, she runs around like a crazy thing!
  • Massive mugs of tea - it's cold therefore I have a cup of tea practically surgically attached to my hand 
  • Finally getting to grips with how to sort out my wintry dry skin - thanks to these helpers!

I love how these random little things really brightened up my days. What happy little things have you experienced this week?