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5 Ways to Start Your Week Off Right

I reckon that how you decide to spend your Sunday really sets the tone for how the rest of your week will pan out. I prefer to spend my Sunday emotionally recharging and setting myself up for the week ahead. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content after all!

So here are 5 ways to start your week off on a positive note, ready to go and #girlboss the hell out of the upcoming working week:

1. CLEAN YOUR SPACE  - coming home to a messy house/room is just not the one after a hard first day of the working week. I kinda of love the feeling of spending part of my Sunday cleaning and tidying up my space, I really think that it helps de-clutter and organise my head ready for Monday. Plus, whenever I'm feeling like I'm getting a bit overwhelmed I find sorting out my space a good way to manage my stress and channel it into something productive.

2. RUN THOSE ERRANDS - all those less-than-fun tasks that you don't really want to waste your time on during the precious weekend, like going food shopping or doing the ironing or filling your car up with petrol (ugh, the job I always put off until the last minute!) are easy to put off until the next week - but do you really want to be giving yourself extra jobs to do on top of your jam-packed working week? Take the pressure off yourself and do those easy tasks during the weekend and leave your evenings free - future you will thank you for it.

3. TREAT YOURSELF - sweeten the end of the weekend and the start of a new week with a little something to cheer yourself up. Buy yourself some fresh flowers (whilst you're doing the grocery shop if you're feeling like ticking two things off this list at once!), make yourself a delicious lunch for Monday, make plans to meet friends during the week - make sure you feature something positive into the start of your week.

4. PLAN YOUR WEEK - take the time on a Sunday to get all of your plans for the week ahead down on paper, write yourself a master to do list of everything that you want to accomplish in the next seven days. This will help give you a head start on Monday morning because you'll already have a plan of action as to how to tackle the new week and it'll help prevent those Sunday Scaries that come about when you're feeling overwhelmed about those two days of the weekend having flown by already. 

5. GET ENOUGH SLEEP - Monday's are bad enough without adding a lack of sleep into the mix. Try to get your optimum hours of REM, and make a serious dent in that sleep debt you've racked up after a crazy weekend (whether you went out and partied or if you stayed up a little too late binge-watching Netflix)! You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle Monday head on - instead of wanting to hit snooze, roll over and just have five more minutes in your duvet cave. Allow yourself enough time to fit in enough hours of sleep and create the best sleep-inducing environment you can - put fresh bedding on your bed, liberally spray a lavender pillow spray, light a candle, have an electrical device ban for those last 60 minutes before you turn out the light. 

So, those are the little tips I employ to try to start my week off right, with a positive attitude and as least stress as possible!