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5 Dry Skin Saviours This Winter

Brrr, it has definitely started to get chillier since the new year rolled in! As if having to spent 10 minutes in the morning grumbling about having to defrost my car or constantly wandering around the house in a burrito blanket wasn't a clue enough to winter starting to kick in, my skin has become really dry lately. I think it's a combination of the freezing weather, having the central heating on at home and being in a temperature-controlled air-conditioned lab when I'm at work.

Anyway, this winter my skin has gotten ridiculously dry (painfully at times) so quickly and I've developed a little dry skin arsenal to combat it, so I thought I'd share it - in case someone else is frantically googling how to get rid of painfully raw dry skin with their fingers sliding over the keyboard because their hands a covered in a thick layer of e45 cream....like I was....

LIZ EARLE CLEANSE & POLISH // In the summer I prefer using a gel cleanser (the Clarins Daily Energizer one is my fave) but in the winter I like to opt for something a bit more moisturising so my skin gets an extra boost of moisture even when I'm cleansing. It also means that if I'm feeling particularly lazy and 'forget' to moisturise after cleansing then my face isn't completely stripped of natural oils.

ORIGINS DRINK UP INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT MASK // I've only used this mask a couple of times (I bought a mini-mask set in the post-Christmas sales!) but oh my goodness it's amazing. I love how I can go to sleep with a thin layer of this non-sticky mask on and I wake up with skin that looks really refreshed and healthy - gone are those pesky dry patches (plus my foundation has been going on so much better the morning after I've used this!). 

ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 HOUR CREAM // Now admittedly this massive tube is a little bit of an overkill for a lip balm but I've not found anything better (not Dr Lipp Nipple Balm or Nuxe Reve de Miel) for keeping my lips flake free. I whack this on and my lips are protected by a thick layer of balm that locks in the moisture and protects them from the elements. 

KIEHLS ULTIMATE STRENGTH HAND SALVE // This stuff is life changing. I'm not even joking. I'm washing my hands approximately a million times a day (every time I leave the lab, every time I answer the phone, every time I get oil on my hands after looking at blood films, etc. ...) and with the super strong hand wash and alcohol wash at work my poor hands get the moisture sucked out of them! Before Christmas it was getting to the point where my hands were turning red and itchy from being so dry - very unpleasant. So, I've tried a bunch of hand creams to try and help (soap and glory is what's currently in my lab coat pocket because it smells so nice!) but nothing was really helping to solve the problem - mum saw this when she was in Space NK picking up another of my Christmas presents and thought it was worth a try - she was a life saver (well, a hand saver!). I only used this super-thick balm on my hands for a couple of days (reapplying it a good five or six times throughout the day though) and my hands finally stopped being so painfully dry - they're feeling so much better. I tend to use this in the morning before I leave for work and then before I go to sleep to give my hands a big boost of moisture at both ends of the day and it has been working a treat!

CUTICLE OIL // My nails end up so brittle and flaky in the colder months - this oil worked amazingly well last year at helping to keep my nails in a good condition. It's a little bit too greasy for me (mainly because I can't use my phone while it's on my nails!) but I persevere with it and use it at night, by the morning it has all absorbed so it's not that much of a problem - the amount of moisture it gives my nails is definitely worth it!


So there are my 5 dry skin saviours, what products do you swear by to get you through the drying winter months?