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10 Things You Need To Do This January

New Year, New You - it's cliche but it's a thing. I'm sharing 10 things I think that we all need to do to start the new year off on the right foot and get 'your house' in order, ready to tackle the next 12 months.

  • Unsubscribe to all those annoying emails that are clogging up your inbox - you know, like the ones from that site you bought those shoes you *had* to have a couple of years ago but haven't even visited since...
  • Clean - like properly clean: move everything (yep all of your furniture - behind your bed is probably where your headphones have gone to die, and approx a million hair bobbles), go through everything, throw things away - just cleanse your space, it'll make you feel like you can tackle anything - promise!
  • Make yourself a savings plan - before the first payday of the year is the best time to set yourself up with how much you want to save each month. Figure out what's do-able for you, no matter how much you save it's always better than not saving anything, and then as soon as you get paid each month either transfer it to your savings account or set up an automatic payment to make things even easier.
  • Purge your social media - get rid of those accounts you followed that don't post anymore, unfriend those fb friends who just annoy you whenever they post (we all have them...), unfollow those twitter accounts that just re-tweet 'viral' things - your social media will be a much happier place.
  • Back-up your photos/documents - there's nothing worse that losing all of your photos you've had stored on your phone for about a year. Back them up to either an external hard drive or somewhere like Google photos or dropbox (my fave is dropbox) - it's much safer for your photos and it'll mean you can stop just ignoring that 'your storage is almost full' message on your iPhone!
  • Start - just start whatever it is you've been putting off for ages. It's so easy to be daunted before starting a new project and getting over that fear of starting something new is always the hardest bit. Whether it's learning a new skill, working towards a new qualification, starting a blog/YT channel, starting your fitness journey. The new year is always the best time to get started, motivation is always at a high when a fresh start is involved.
  • Make Time - Start the year as you mean to go on - make time for yourself - don't let yourself get run down with crazy long to-do lists, take time to look after yourself. Make time for your friends/family - schedule in time to spend with the ones you love, don't waste your time keeping up appearances and seeing people who bring you down.
  • Create a habit - my high school maths teacher told me that once you've done something for 21 times then it becomes a habit, now he was talking about quadratic equations but I like to apply the same concept whenever I want to form a habit in my actual life (not the life high school teachers like you to think you'll have, where you use algebra on a daily basis and you critically discuss every book you read - errr nope!). January is an ace time to create a new habit - you do it every day for the month and you'll have done it over 21 times so boom, habit formed. Try it with making your bed every morning, posting on instagram every day, writing down things that you're grateful for before bed, meditating....
  • Book a trip - January Blues are a real thing - be kind to yourself this January and give yourself something to look forward to later on in the year. Visit a new city, go on a staycation or book that crazy adventure you've been dreaming about. 
  • Be grateful - don't start the year off holding on to any bitter, negative feelings from last year - make a conscious effort to try and be positive or at least try to find the little happy things that happen every day. Try not to focus on the negatives and send some positive vibes out there - it can't hurt, right?