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Share the Love // November 2016

It's time to share my fave posts I found hidden in my Bloglovin' feed this past month:

  • Trying to find time to blog when working full time is sometimes a struggle (especially now that it's dark when I get home from work - even when I work the early shift!) so this post from Emma on finding the time to blog is one I'm gonna be bookmarking.
  • I love baked Camembert (it was my fave late lunch in the summer!) - I cannot wait to make this Christmas-y Camembert in the next couple of weeks, it looks so tasty!
  • I love the idea of an 'it's all gone to sh*t list' - I think I need to make myself one of these for when the world feels like it's falling down around me
  • Black Watch plaid is my favourite print for the autumn/winter - I just love the mix of black/blue/green and how it incorporates a splash of colour into my wardrobe but whilst still being quite neutral - I love how Sydney styled her shirt, I think I might need some green flats in my wardrobe!
  • I've been putting off buying a proper bloggy camera for ages now but Lily's review has seriously tipped me over the edge - I think I might have to treat myself in the Boxing Day sales...
  • Kristina is killing the Christmas gift guides - my faves were the mixologist and couch potato (could not be more appropriate for me!) ones.
  • Carly's outdoor dive-in movie theatre is just a thing of dreams! I kind of want to set up something similar for Christmas - all snuggled up in blankets with the fire pit going...
  • I loved the idea of this Money Diaries post from Dara- my spending has been a little crazy this past month or so - perhaps this would make me more accountable!
  • Hannah's why twenty-somethings are obsessed with Disneyland post - ugh it just looks so magical!
  • Little Miss Katy's instagram is just all of the goals - it's literal perfection (seriously!), and she's shared all of the tips on how to create your perfect instagram theme - I really like how she emphasises keeping it YOUR theme and representative of your own personality/space/love. I'm bookmarking this post because I think it might have to be one of my NY resolutions to work on my insta theme more!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Lemme know in the comments!