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It's Officially Christmas at Flora

It has become a tradition for the last few years that our Christmas season doesn't kick off until we've visited Flora, so we went last week! Flora is this garden centre/home furnishing place not too far from where I live and it's lovely all year round, but Christmas is when it really comes to life! 

The team start in August (!!) and transform every square inch of their showrooms into a magical Christmas-y wonderland - you honestly can't walk around there without a smile on your face as you start to get into the Christmas spirit!

So I thought I'd share some photos I took of our time there, potentially for some Christmas decor inspiration but mainly because I just bloomin' love it there and think it's awesome so I want to share it!

I mean, come on - even outside their showroom it looks Christmas-y!

As you walk through the door you're immediately transported into this winter wonderland - there's decoration everywhere, but they're presented in such a beautiful way that you can see them in your own home straight away.

I really loved the white and silver theme of the first room this year - it gave us lots of inspiration for things we want to do next year!

The next room we walked through was a so wintry, it actually felt cold in there! It was full of snow-covered trees, life-size polar bears and penguins and even a 'ice' pool complete with seals!

Each room is decorated with a completely different theme, so there was the glam silver/white one, the winter wonderland one and then...

The classic red/gold Christmas colours - so pretty. And also, I was so tempted by the Santa, sleigh and reindeer but realistically I don't think we'd have enough room for it! 

The black/gold dining room - oh my goodness how opulent is this one - there's literally jewels and glamour dripping from every surface, sigh - so pretty!

The colourful children's room - my fave part of this was how the teddy bears were incorporated into the garlands! It's so fun and whimsical!

We then went into Mrs Claus' sitting room with a pink/pastel theme and complete with pretty china tea sets incorporated into the Christmas decor

How incredible is this tea set garland? - so incredibly creative and original!

One of my most favourite rooms was the tropical themed one - I love how bright and colourful it was! It's so different to the other rooms, a more modern Christmas decoration theme!

The garland above the door even had pineapples on it - how cool?! I think what helped set the mood for this room was this song being played on repeat in there - I'd never heard it before but it has become one of my fave Christmas songs!

I fell in love with this sunbathing Father Christmas bauble but it just wouldn't go with any of our decor :( Mum tried to convince me that we could put a Christmas tree in our bathroom and have it decorated in this tropical theme, I just about managed to resist...

I've saved the most amazing room (in my opinion anyway!) for last, it's this woodland themed one - there were life-size reindeer in there! Everything was wooden/grey with lots of cozy fur, and...

...there was even this gypsy caravan in there! How amazing is this?!

Inside there were lots of cushions and blankets - how lovely would it be to snuggle up in there with a mug of steaming hot chocolate?! Ugh, if I couldn't fit this in my car/if I had a trailer it definitely would've come home with me! Mum and Nam had to drag me away from it!

We came away with a few new Christmas decorations (including some of those amazing hanging glass baubles from the ice-y wonderland room!) and feeling very much in the Christmas spirit!

I'm already counting down until it's time to go back again...