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Favourites // December 2016

December (and the whole of 2016 actually...) has seriously flown by! But I managed to pack it full of my first trip to a Christmas Tree Farm, our annual visit to our favourite festive garden centre, lots of busy work days (and two of my worst shifts ever haha!), my anniversary of being on the grown-up shift rota for a whole year (what??! How did this happen?!) and lots of wonderful family time!

As always my favourites for this month are a right mish-mash! If it's not broke, don't fix it eh?! Anyway, here's what bits and pieces have been floating my boat this past month...

FESTIVE MUGS // I've managed to drink every single tea/hot chocolate this month out of a festive mug - I've amassed quite the collection over the past couple of years and I just love them all! Plus, bringing a bit of festive to every single daily activity makes me very happy - I love immersing myself in everything Christmas!

WINDOW PANE CHECK JUMPER // I had a mad dash in Peacocks at the start of December when I realised I had literally no big, cozy jumpers (how this happened I've got no idea!) and I picked up a handful of chunky knits to keep me warm this winter - but this one has become my absolute favourite! I tend to gravitate to wearing grey anyway but this print just makes it a little bit more interesting. Plus the neckline is amazing (not too high, not too chunky), the material is wonderfully non-itchy (especially considering it's so inexpensive!) - I've been wearing it on repeat, oops!

CHRISTMAS PLANNER SPREADS // I love my planner every week but I've really enjoyed my weekly spreads from December - they've all been really Christmas-y and festive but they've each been different in their own way. I'm so glad I saved my Glam Planner spread for Christmas week - I can't stop looking at how pretty and (merry and) bright it is!

AFTER EIGHT FINEST MINT SELECTION // Obsessively watching vlogmas videos is one of my favourite pastimes in the run up to Christmas and after seeing Tanya Burr open up her After Eight advent calendar and enjoy one of these delicious-looking chocolates every day I *needed* some in my life. A post-night shift trip to Tesco saw me pick up a basket full of these boxes (they were half price, and they might not be around after Christmas...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!). They are absolutely delicious, they've been come my favourite festive treat this year - seriously, go try them!

CLINIQUE BEYOND PERFECTING FOUNDATION // I bought this foundation months ago and liked it but it just felt a bit cakey on my skin so I let it sit in my foundation drawer for the summer and autumn. Anyway, I gave it another go at the start of the month, used waaay less than I did before and really took the time to buff it into my skin - and oh wow it's flawless! I love it, the only problem is that it's a smidge too dark for me (#superpaleprobs!) so I think I need to invest in some foundation lightener to make it my perfect foundation!

ELIZABETH ARDEN EIGHT HOUR CREAM // I had such a terrible cold the week before Christmas (I was so awful on my night shifts!) and my lips got horrendously sore - this as a lip balm has been a lifesaver!

CLARINS INSTANT LIGHT NATURAL LIP PERFECTOR // Similarly, whenever I went out to enjoy the festivities over Christmas I wanted to wear something colourful on my lips but they were just too sore to deal with any lipstick so this has lip perfector was perfect - it's so easy to wear and more importantly they're so moisturising!

So that was December, and the last favourites post for 2016! Snaps to me for managing to share my favourites every single month on here! If you fancy having a nosey at what I got up to in December then check out instagram round up post!