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Christmas Tree Farm Adventure

Mum and I had the best time when we went to visit a pumpkin patch; it made us feel really autumnal, ready to embrace the new season and really make the most of it (instead of hiding under blankets at home, complaining about missing summer so much so that we usually just miss Autumn completely!).

So we wanted to do the same for Christmas and get into the Christmas spirit bright and early this year - visiting a Christmas Tree Farm was the obvious choice! 

I drove past this Christmas Tree Farm every time I went into uni and I drive past it every day on my way to work, so that's at least four years I've driven past this cute little place and never gone to check it out for myself - this had to be rectified this year! On my rest day the other week (I bloody love shift work!) we decided to *finally* pay it a visit!

We pulled into the car park (waving to the giant inflatable Santa of course!) and were greeted by this wall of Christmas trees - it was very exciting! 

I've never visited a Christmas Tree Farm before so I was amazed to see so many Christmas trees in all different growing stages - these tiny baby ones in the front were my fave - they're just so cute!

We completely ignored the pre-cut trees and dove in between the festive forest, weaving in and out, shouting to each other every two seconds to "come and look at this one" 

I chose my fave one - how cute is it?

Little Prin approved too!

We then took a stroll through the boulevards of pre-cut Christmas Trees - it made us feel so bloomin' Christmas-y, imagining them standing in our living room (kitchen/conservatory/hall/everywhere and anywhere we could fit one!) all twinkly and decorated. We had the whole place to ourselves, so we could dawdle interrupted as much as we liked. 

Mum and I loved this one - but logistically we decided we'd struggle getting it home in/on my fiat 500!

We settled on two of the tiny baby ones (yay, my faves!) for either side of our front door - they look so pretty all lit up in the evenings!

and this wreath, because you have to have a wreath a Christmas don't you! Mum isn't very enamoured with it, she's wanting to add some more greenery and a bigger bow to it!

I'm so glad we made the effort to go and visit the Christmas Tree Farm, it put is right in the Christmas spirit just in time for December to roll around! We'll definitely be going back next year, we had so much fun!