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8 of the Best Christmas Films

Spending afternoons snuggled on the sofa digging into the tin of Quality Street whilst watching Christmas films is a prerequisite in the build up to the big day. It's how I've been spending my afternoon today so I thought I'd share some of my most favourite Christmas films - the ones I absolutely have to watch every single year! 

  • Arthur Christmas // I only watched this film for the first time last year but I absolutely loved it! It has become one of my most favourite festive films - it's so cute and heartfelt, it's such a modern take on Christmas films!
  • Eloise at Christmastime // can I just move into The Plaza please? I love the little love story running through this movie - it's so cute!
  • Home Alone // this is another film that I've only been watching for the last couple of years but it has become an annual watch! I love how much this film makes me really laugh!
  • Elf // this film is crazy but it has become a cult classic so obviously I have to watch it each Christmas season
  • The Grinch // I am literally the Grinch - when he's standing in front of the mirror trying to decide what to wear - so me! I love the overarching theme of this film - the true meaning of Christmas - ugh I love it!
  • The Holiday // my mum absolutely loves this film, every single time it's on over Christmas (so pretty much every night!) - my most favourite part of this film is the houses - I could quite happily move into either of the little cottage in Surrey or the LA pad! 
  • Nativity (1, 2 & 3!) // these films are just fabulous! The children in them make them really hilarious, they're so sweet and endearing but really incorporating the spirit of Christmas!
  • Father Christmas // this film is all of my childhood Christmas memories. It's based on the books by Raymond Briggs (aka the creator of The Snowman) and it's just so bloomin' funny! I love how it shows Father Christmas is portrayed as a smidge grumpy and living his life for the other 364 days of the year - and how he takes himself off on holiday, leading to some pretty hilarious disastrous results!

Now my plan is to watch all of these in the next week before Christmas - it'll be the most perfect Christmasiest week ever!

What are your fave Christmas films to watch to get you in the festive spirit?