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Share the Love // October 2016

yup, I'm still obsessively wearing/washing/wearing these cacti pjs - I just love them!

It's time to share my fave posts I found on my Bloglovin' feed this past month!

  • Carrie from One Pleasant Day has been *killing* it with the autumn aesthetic - her whole blog and instagram are just all of the #autumngoals! My fave posts have been: 6am, Ode to Saturday & My Morning Coffee
  • I can't believe that three of my fave bloggers all met up - I love reading Carly's, Julia's and Rosie's blogs! Seeing their photos and reading their posts of their day spent apple picking together was so fun!
  • I've loved seeing Lily & Rich's wedding - it looked absolutely stunning! I especially loved how everything tied in together, like the stationery and the scents for every aspect of the whole the day - so perfectly thought out!
  • Every autumn my Barbour waxed Beadnell jacket becomes my go to coat to throw on for every occasion (going out shopping, going to feed my horses!) so I bookmarked this post for some different ideas of how to style it!
  • I think this might just be the perfect way to spend an autumn evening, don't you think? I'm going to be cracking out our chiminaire one last time before winter this weekend, I think! 
  • Not gonna lie, when I'm working the only things I can manage in the morning is drag myself out of bed, get dressed, throw on some make up (so I don't scare my colleagues!) and eat some brekkie - but in an ideal dream world I'd manage to accomplish these eight things before leaving the house!
  • I love the idea of a reverse bucket list - thanks to Sarah for sharing hers!
  • Rebecca's post are some of my faves to read every month (I pretty much always include at least one of her posts in my 'share the love' posts!) - her thoughts on navigating life when you feel overwhelmed is something that I really needed to hear this month
  • I think celebrating the little things in life is one of the greatest pleasures - appreciating the little aspects of good that sweeten an otherwise meh day. Reading Emma's really made me smile!
  • After reading Aftab's review and seeing how delicious the carpaccio of beef looked (I seriously love beef carpaccio - anytime it's on a menu I have to order it!) I've made sure to add London Steakhouse Co. to my 'to visit' list next time I'm in London! Plus there's lobster on the menu too, so mum will be happy with that!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Leave me links in the comments please!