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Getting Ready For Winter

Seriously - what happened to the weather as soon as November hit?! I swear, there I was bumbling along enjoy the beautiful (warm-ish and mainly dry for the most part!) autumn we were having in October and the *boom* - I woke up on November 1st and temperatures dropped to single figures and I was back to getting an ice warning practically every time I got into my car! I did say (in this post!) that I always feel like I need to make the most of the autumn because it's such a fleeting season!

So, because the threat of winter chill has entered the air, I've found myself starting to hoard some bits and pieces that I *need* to help me get through the winter - I struggle in winter, I can't lie, any days where I don't *have* to go out you'll find me hibernating under my duvet!

BLANKETS // Snuggling up under a blanket with a hot beverage, reading a book, preferably in front of a log fire - that's just the ultimate winter aesthetic isn't it?! There's something so incredibly comforting (so hygge - I still feel like a muppet when I try to incorporate that word into my daily language - I'm just not trendy enough!) about a blanket - I'm a big fan. I tend to take this whole blanket thing a step further and try to find the softest and warmest bedding I can find, I always love brushed cotton in the winter but this year I've been really enjoying this jersey bedding set but I've also got my eye on this fleece set - too much of a snuggle-fest? But then again, is there such a thing?

CANDLES // I love candles all year round but my most favourite scents are always easier to get hold of in the winter - anything manly smelling, anything fresh, anything cologne-y - ugh I just love those sort of scents! I hate anything sickly sweet or too floral and I'm just not a fan. Mahogany Teakwood is such a classic but I really think Flannel is even nicer!

SCARVES, GLOVES & HATS // I'm not going to venture outside into the cold unless I'm prepared - I'm talking, scarves, gloves, hats, earmuffs - the lot! My earmuffs and leather gloves live in my car from November to March!

ROLL-NECK JUMPERS // These became my obsession last winter and it's carrying on strong this year! I used to laugh at my mum because her winter wardrobe practically entirely consisted of black roll-neck jumpers and now I'm doing the same - I'm just hoarding them, every time I go into a shop I struggle to leave without a new one! They're so easy to throw on and they keep you so warm! I can't be dealing with this cut out shoulder/open back malarkey - give me a good ol' roll-neck any day!

FLUFFY SOCKS // enough said. Surely. They're like mini blankets for your feet that you can easily move around in - I don't know about you but the blank-cocoon-shuffle is just a health and safety hazard!


So that's how I'm going to distract myself from the impending winter blues that are going to kick in soon - fingers crossed they help!