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Favourites // November 2016

As always, my monthly favourites are a pretty random collection of bits and bobs, so here we go...

November was a super fast month for me - I honestly can't believe it! Mum and I have enjoyed some lovely afternoons shopping and lunching (I love spending time with her but my bank balance hates it!)! But really the only other thing of note that has happened this month is the festive drinks menus that have been released - I've made it my mission to give most of them a try and my outstanding winner this year is Costa's Black Forest Hot Chocolate - so delicious! As for work, I have entered my final shift rotation of the year - I can't believe how much I've learnt and grown in a year of being on shifts - I seriously love my job!

Anyway, onto my favourites!

Gilmore Girls // I loved watching GG last year - I absolutely fell in love with the Gilmore's and Stars Hollow so I was so excited to see it's return! Even though I've only watched Winter and Spring I'm still including it in my faves because I'm really enjoying its return!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley // Oooooh this is good! Dairy Milk is my fave chocolate anyway but the addition of raspberries, hazelnuts and dark chocolate to a bar of it makes for a really decadent treat! I've already munched my way through a bar of it this month - fun fact: I had to go out and buy another bar so I could include it in this post - such a hardship!

Escentric Molecule 1 // I adore this perfume - I love how fresh and clean but some how comforting it is. Plus I really enjoy how it fades and reappears throughout the day without having to re-spray it. I think this is the most 'me' fragrance I've found, I can safely say that after almost a year of using it, it has become my signature scent. I've also got my eye on Escentric Molecule 02 - maybe Father Christmas will leave it under the tree for me?

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - Sweet Orange & Clove // I picked this up as a little surprise gift for mum (she's an avid cleanse & polish fan!) but decided to try it for myself (I tried this cleanser years ago when I wasn't really into my skincare and just found it a bit of a faff, plus I don't really like the classic cleanse & polish smell) and I've been loving it! My skin feels really soft and hydrated after I've used it, especially the morning after! I think I might have just become a cleanse & polish convert...

Papermate Inkjoy 1.0 // I've been searching for a while now for some different pens to write in my planner with (which has been more difficult that it should have been because of my obsession with using glossy stickers in my planner!) and I've seen the love for these pens been bandied around the planner world so I thought I'd give them a try - I love them! They write on glossy stickers so easily, they dry super fast so are pretty smudge-proof and they make my handwriting look not too bad either! 

Fantastic Beasts // As an avid HP fan there was no way I wasn't going to be excited at being able to have another glimpse into the wizarding world so as soon as this film was released I dragged mum along to go and see it! I loved it, like really loved it! I didn't realise just how much I had missed the wizarding world until the opening credits started and the HP-esque music was playing - I nearly teared up a little! I really enjoyed the fact that I was watching a JK Rowling film without having read the book first - with all the Harry Potter's I'd read and re-read the books before the films were released so it was quite nice to be able to watch the film with fresh eyes and not know the plot twists that were around the corner (and bloody hell there's a good 'un in FB!). I can't wait for more films telling this story to be released because I *need* to know more. Oh, and I also want a pet Niffler because they're so bloody cute!

LV Bear Keyring // I stumbled across this super cute keyring when I was stalking etsy for a new keyring for my new car keys - as an LV lover I just couldn't pass him up! I may have also got him in the Damier Azur colour way too - oops!

So they were my faves from November, if you fancy having a nosey at what I got up to in this past month then check out my instagram round up post!