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Currently // 20-11

It's time for another Currently post, let's go!

Eating // I've broken into my stash of mint dark chocolate m&ms - they're my favourite winter treat!

Drinking // Costa have brought back their Black Forest Hot Chocolate as part of their Christmas menu and oh my goodness it is so bloomin' tasty! I've been finding any excuse to go past a Costa to get one!

Watching // The Crown - this show is absolutely amazing! It has become mine and mum's favourite show - it has even surpassed our obsession with Downton! Seriously, the filming and characters and storyline just makes this series incredible - you *have* to watch it! The budget on this show must've been astronomical because each and every shot is just so beautiful!

Listening // I've gotten into the habit of putting Mcfly on shuffle when I'm driving home and I've been loving singing along to their whole catalogue - it's crazy how you can know all the words to a song that you haven't listened to in years.

Reading // The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury - I've had this book downloaded on my kindle for ages but just haven't gotten around to reading it! I loved the first book in this series but just wasn't in a rush to read the next one - but I'm so annoyed with myself for leaving it so long!, it's such an unusual story - I can't say that I've seen anything like it recently! What I love most is how the two books so far are about different characters but their stories intertwine so brilliantly (almost like the Lunar Chronicles) - it's so clever and captivating!

Planning // What Christmas presents I want to buy everyone in my life! I'm terrible and always leave my Christmas shopping until pretty much the last minute - seeing as we're about five weeks away I think I'm being pretty organised this year!

Obsessing // over my new blanket - it's perhaps a little odd to be obsessing over a blanket but it is so bloody cozy I just can't even deal!

Wearing // my ugg chelsea boots pretty much all the time - they're easy enough to wear all day without breaking my feet, they're leather so I don't have to be precious over them and the sole is lined with sheepskin so they are really warm!

Wanting // to find an outfit for work's Christmas party - ugh it's a struggle! I'm loving these shoes and this dress has piqued my interest - whether I'm brave enough to wear it though is another thing!

Feeling // a little bit festive - I think between planning the gifts I want to buy for my friends/family this year, writing my Christmas wish list and deciding on some Christmas adventures to go on in the next couple of weeks the festive spirit has definitely started brewing!