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10 Ways My Dog Makes Me Smile

I was really struggling to think of what to write for today's post - I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm on day three of doing early shifts at work - getting up at 04:30 am is such a creativity killer!

But I remember seeing this post from Sarah about how her doggy, Mavis, brings so much joy into her life and it made me think of all the little things that Little Prin does that just melt my heart - so I wanted to share them! 

Plus this week it was the four year anniversary from when we brought Little Prin home and I just can't deal with how cute tiny she was! I mean, just look at her...

  • 1. The way she knows all of her toys by name - piggy, yellow monkey, henry the horse - it's adorable!
  • 2. How snuggly she is - she loves nothing more than curling up on a blanket for a nap
  • 3. How good she is at recall - we can walk her round the lakes where I keep my ponies and she's so good at coming back when we call her. That's one of my favourite things - it makes her walks so much more enjoyable for the both of us
  • 4. Her attachment to Green Doughnut - her absolute most favourite toy, it goes everywhere with her (we even have spares hidden in a drawer in case there's a repeat of The Great Doughnut Loss of 2015!) - I seriously think she'll get lockjaw one of these days due to how long she carries it around for!
  • 5. When I'm sat reading or watching YT she comes and plonks herself between me and my kindle/iPad - she loves the attention!

  • 6. The funny little useless tricks she knows: "five more minutes" - go back under the covers and go back to sleep, I want a lie in! "lick your lips" - before she has a treat. "high five". "go and wake ____ up" - she runs into the room, onto the bed and jumps on your head to wake you up! 
  • 7. Her 'crazy times' - she literally runs ridiculously fast throughout the garden, through the house and back again when she gets excited - it's so funny!
  • 8. Because she's so little she has to have a set of little steps so she can get on my mum's bed - n'awww!
  • 9. How she snuggles on my bed with my whilst I'm reading/studying/blogging before bed until I turn my light off to go to sleep, then she jumps off my bed and goes to my mum's room to go to sleep
  • 10. Her excitement - whether it's coming home from work, coming in from a different room, waking up - she's always so happy and excited to see me! 

Ugh, now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna have to go an squish my Little Prin because I just can't handle the cuteness!