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Favourites // November 2016

Favourites // November 2016

As always, my monthly favourites are a pretty random collection of bits and bobs, so here we go...

November was a super fast month for me - I honestly can't believe it! Mum and I have enjoyed some lovely afternoons shopping and lunching (I love spending time with her but my bank balance hates it!)! But really the only other thing of note that has happened this month is the festive drinks menus that have been released - I've made it my mission to give most of them a try and my outstanding winner this year is Costa's Black Forest Hot Chocolate - so delicious! As for work, I have entered my final shift rotation of the year - I can't believe how much I've learnt and grown in a year of being on shifts - I seriously love my job!

Anyway, onto my favourites!

Gilmore Girls // I loved watching GG last year - I absolutely fell in love with the Gilmore's and Stars Hollow so I was so excited to see it's return! Even though I've only watched Winter and Spring I'm still including it in my faves because I'm really enjoying its return!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley // Oooooh this is good! Dairy Milk is my fave chocolate anyway but the addition of raspberries, hazelnuts and dark chocolate to a bar of it makes for a really decadent treat! I've already munched my way through a bar of it this month - fun fact: I had to go out and buy another bar so I could include it in this post - such a hardship!

Escentric Molecule 1 // I adore this perfume - I love how fresh and clean but some how comforting it is. Plus I really enjoy how it fades and reappears throughout the day without having to re-spray it. I think this is the most 'me' fragrance I've found, I can safely say that after almost a year of using it, it has become my signature scent. I've also got my eye on Escentric Molecule 02 - maybe Father Christmas will leave it under the tree for me?

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - Sweet Orange & Clove // I picked this up as a little surprise gift for mum (she's an avid cleanse & polish fan!) but decided to try it for myself (I tried this cleanser years ago when I wasn't really into my skincare and just found it a bit of a faff, plus I don't really like the classic cleanse & polish smell) and I've been loving it! My skin feels really soft and hydrated after I've used it, especially the morning after! I think I might have just become a cleanse & polish convert...

Papermate Inkjoy 1.0 // I've been searching for a while now for some different pens to write in my planner with (which has been more difficult that it should have been because of my obsession with using glossy stickers in my planner!) and I've seen the love for these pens been bandied around the planner world so I thought I'd give them a try - I love them! They write on glossy stickers so easily, they dry super fast so are pretty smudge-proof and they make my handwriting look not too bad either! 

Fantastic Beasts // As an avid HP fan there was no way I wasn't going to be excited at being able to have another glimpse into the wizarding world so as soon as this film was released I dragged mum along to go and see it! I loved it, like really loved it! I didn't realise just how much I had missed the wizarding world until the opening credits started and the HP-esque music was playing - I nearly teared up a little! I really enjoyed the fact that I was watching a JK Rowling film without having read the book first - with all the Harry Potter's I'd read and re-read the books before the films were released so it was quite nice to be able to watch the film with fresh eyes and not know the plot twists that were around the corner (and bloody hell there's a good 'un in FB!). I can't wait for more films telling this story to be released because I *need* to know more. Oh, and I also want a pet Niffler because they're so bloody cute!

LV Bear Keyring // I stumbled across this super cute keyring when I was stalking etsy for a new keyring for my new car keys - as an LV lover I just couldn't pass him up! I may have also got him in the Damier Azur colour way too - oops!

So they were my faves from November, if you fancy having a nosey at what I got up to in this past month then check out my instagram round up post! 


Insta-Lately // November 2016

Insta-Lately // November 2016

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :)

I finally got my first red cup of the year! None of the new releases this year tickled by fancy so I had my standard peppermint hot chocolate - so good! It was the perfect pick me up in the middle of Christmas shopping!

I found this copper metal inital at Hobbycraft of all places - and I love it! Plus this new raspberry and hazelnut Cadbury chocolate is so moreish!

Another festive drink - oops! My fave festive drink is the Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa - it's incredible! I tried the Lindt one and I quite like that one too - it's so rich, a real treat! But I was disappointed with the Orange one, I was expecting liquid Terry's chocolate orange and it just was a bit too synthetic-tasting for me! I'm a bit obsessed with the festive menu as you can tell!

I dragged mum to see Fantastic Beasts and oh my goodness it was incredible! I hadn't realised how much I'd missed the world of magic/HP 'til we sat in the cinema and I heard the HP-esque music! I really loved the film, I thought it was perfect! I am seriously contemplating going to watch it again for it comes out on dvd!

I *love* my new phone case - I think it's hilarious!

I've been curling up in bed with many hot cups of tea this past month - autumn is definitely on its way out and winter has started to come in - it's freezing!

This teddy-bear blanket has been my best buy this month - it's ridiculously warm and cozy, I'm practically always curled up under it! I'm telling myself I'm just embracing Hyyge so it's perfectly fine :P


So that was November, apparently all I did was stay in bed under a blanket and tried out all of the festive drinks - sounds about right... :P


10 Ways My Dog Makes Me Smile

10 Ways My Dog Makes Me Smile

I was really struggling to think of what to write for today's post - I'm blaming it on the fact that I'm on day three of doing early shifts at work - getting up at 04:30 am is such a creativity killer!

But I remember seeing this post from Sarah about how her doggy, Mavis, brings so much joy into her life and it made me think of all the little things that Little Prin does that just melt my heart - so I wanted to share them! 

Plus this week it was the four year anniversary from when we brought Little Prin home and I just can't deal with how cute tiny she was! I mean, just look at her...

  • 1. The way she knows all of her toys by name - piggy, yellow monkey, henry the horse - it's adorable!
  • 2. How snuggly she is - she loves nothing more than curling up on a blanket for a nap
  • 3. How good she is at recall - we can walk her round the lakes where I keep my ponies and she's so good at coming back when we call her. That's one of my favourite things - it makes her walks so much more enjoyable for the both of us
  • 4. Her attachment to Green Doughnut - her absolute most favourite toy, it goes everywhere with her (we even have spares hidden in a drawer in case there's a repeat of The Great Doughnut Loss of 2015!) - I seriously think she'll get lockjaw one of these days due to how long she carries it around for!
  • 5. When I'm sat reading or watching YT she comes and plonks herself between me and my kindle/iPad - she loves the attention!

  • 6. The funny little useless tricks she knows: "five more minutes" - go back under the covers and go back to sleep, I want a lie in! "lick your lips" - before she has a treat. "high five". "go and wake ____ up" - she runs into the room, onto the bed and jumps on your head to wake you up! 
  • 7. Her 'crazy times' - she literally runs ridiculously fast throughout the garden, through the house and back again when she gets excited - it's so funny!
  • 8. Because she's so little she has to have a set of little steps so she can get on my mum's bed - n'awww!
  • 9. How she snuggles on my bed with my whilst I'm reading/studying/blogging before bed until I turn my light off to go to sleep, then she jumps off my bed and goes to my mum's room to go to sleep
  • 10. Her excitement - whether it's coming home from work, coming in from a different room, waking up - she's always so happy and excited to see me! 

Ugh, now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna have to go an squish my Little Prin because I just can't handle the cuteness!


Currently // 20-11

Currently // 20-11

It's time for another Currently post, let's go!

Eating // I've broken into my stash of mint dark chocolate m&ms - they're my favourite winter treat!

Drinking // Costa have brought back their Black Forest Hot Chocolate as part of their Christmas menu and oh my goodness it is so bloomin' tasty! I've been finding any excuse to go past a Costa to get one!

Watching // The Crown - this show is absolutely amazing! It has become mine and mum's favourite show - it has even surpassed our obsession with Downton! Seriously, the filming and characters and storyline just makes this series incredible - you *have* to watch it! The budget on this show must've been astronomical because each and every shot is just so beautiful!

Listening // I've gotten into the habit of putting Mcfly on shuffle when I'm driving home and I've been loving singing along to their whole catalogue - it's crazy how you can know all the words to a song that you haven't listened to in years.

Reading // The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury - I've had this book downloaded on my kindle for ages but just haven't gotten around to reading it! I loved the first book in this series but just wasn't in a rush to read the next one - but I'm so annoyed with myself for leaving it so long!, it's such an unusual story - I can't say that I've seen anything like it recently! What I love most is how the two books so far are about different characters but their stories intertwine so brilliantly (almost like the Lunar Chronicles) - it's so clever and captivating!

Planning // What Christmas presents I want to buy everyone in my life! I'm terrible and always leave my Christmas shopping until pretty much the last minute - seeing as we're about five weeks away I think I'm being pretty organised this year!

Obsessing // over my new blanket - it's perhaps a little odd to be obsessing over a blanket but it is so bloody cozy I just can't even deal!

Wearing // my ugg chelsea boots pretty much all the time - they're easy enough to wear all day without breaking my feet, they're leather so I don't have to be precious over them and the sole is lined with sheepskin so they are really warm!

Wanting // to find an outfit for work's Christmas party - ugh it's a struggle! I'm loving these shoes and this dress has piqued my interest - whether I'm brave enough to wear it though is another thing!

Feeling // a little bit festive - I think between planning the gifts I want to buy for my friends/family this year, writing my Christmas wish list and deciding on some Christmas adventures to go on in the next couple of weeks the festive spirit has definitely started brewing!


What's on my Christmas List // 2016

What's on my Christmas List // 2016


christmas wish list 2016

It's that time of year again when my mum and nam (especially my nam!) start to chivvy me into making my Christmas wish list. Yes, I know I'm 23 but they still want some ideas of what I'd like for Christmas (never mind the fact that they know me probably better than I know myself and my most favourite presents ever year are the ones that they surprise me with!). So, I figured I might as well collate my wishes into a post and share it - it might give you some ideas for gifts for some of your friends/family or some ideas for what you'd like to hint for this year!


Getting Ready For Winter

Getting Ready For Winter

Seriously - what happened to the weather as soon as November hit?! I swear, there I was bumbling along enjoy the beautiful (warm-ish and mainly dry for the most part!) autumn we were having in October and the *boom* - I woke up on November 1st and temperatures dropped to single figures and I was back to getting an ice warning practically every time I got into my car! I did say (in this post!) that I always feel like I need to make the most of the autumn because it's such a fleeting season!

So, because the threat of winter chill has entered the air, I've found myself starting to hoard some bits and pieces that I *need* to help me get through the winter - I struggle in winter, I can't lie, any days where I don't *have* to go out you'll find me hibernating under my duvet!

BLANKETS // Snuggling up under a blanket with a hot beverage, reading a book, preferably in front of a log fire - that's just the ultimate winter aesthetic isn't it?! There's something so incredibly comforting (so hygge - I still feel like a muppet when I try to incorporate that word into my daily language - I'm just not trendy enough!) about a blanket - I'm a big fan. I tend to take this whole blanket thing a step further and try to find the softest and warmest bedding I can find, I always love brushed cotton in the winter but this year I've been really enjoying this jersey bedding set but I've also got my eye on this fleece set - too much of a snuggle-fest? But then again, is there such a thing?

CANDLES // I love candles all year round but my most favourite scents are always easier to get hold of in the winter - anything manly smelling, anything fresh, anything cologne-y - ugh I just love those sort of scents! I hate anything sickly sweet or too floral and I'm just not a fan. Mahogany Teakwood is such a classic but I really think Flannel is even nicer!

SCARVES, GLOVES & HATS // I'm not going to venture outside into the cold unless I'm prepared - I'm talking, scarves, gloves, hats, earmuffs - the lot! My earmuffs and leather gloves live in my car from November to March!

ROLL-NECK JUMPERS // These became my obsession last winter and it's carrying on strong this year! I used to laugh at my mum because her winter wardrobe practically entirely consisted of black roll-neck jumpers and now I'm doing the same - I'm just hoarding them, every time I go into a shop I struggle to leave without a new one! They're so easy to throw on and they keep you so warm! I can't be dealing with this cut out shoulder/open back malarkey - give me a good ol' roll-neck any day!

FLUFFY SOCKS // enough said. Surely. They're like mini blankets for your feet that you can easily move around in - I don't know about you but the blank-cocoon-shuffle is just a health and safety hazard!


So that's how I'm going to distract myself from the impending winter blues that are going to kick in soon - fingers crossed they help!


10 Little Happy Things

10 Little Happy Things

Well - Brexit, Donald Trump as President...what a year 2016 is turning out to be! I've seen these sort of list posts bopping around recently so I figured today was a good a day as any to spread some positivity, here are ten little things that brought a smile to my face this past week:

1. The silver lining of forgetting my key to the field was being able to catch this stunning sunset

2. The Crown - bloody hell that's a good show! For me and mum it's the new Downton - we're loving it!

3. Starting my day off with a Black Forest Hot Chocolate - I love the return of the Costa Christmas menu! Now I'm just waiting for the #redcups to come back...

4. Finding some super cute Christmas cards - on sale too! And deciding on how I want to wrap my Christmas presents - in my mind they're going to look so festive!

5. Being told I have a natural talent for something

6. Having a Ben & Jerry's ice-cream sandwich for an after dinner treat

7. Being able to watch the sunrise as I drove home post-night shift

8. Re-watching films I loved as a teenager - Monte Carlo is such a good film, a little cheesy but I love it!

9. Potentially finding a dress that I actually quite like for work's Christmas party (it's this one!)

10. Breaking out my winter knitwear - all of the snuggly hats, blanket scarves and fleece-lined mittens!


What little things have made you smile this week?


Nine Nail Polishes I'm loving this Autumn

Nine Nail Polishes I'm loving this Autumn

It may seem trivial but painting my nails is one of the beauty tasks that I actually look forward to each week: I love taking the time out to settle down in front of whatever show I'm currently binge-watching on Netflix (talking of which, is anyone else as bloomin' obsessed with The Crown as I am?!), actually concentrating on it for once instead of doing a million other things at the same time (case in point, I'm writing this post while finishing off watching Monte Carlo!), and treating myself to some 'me time'. 

I've eked out wearing my bright summery polishes for as long as I can, but this past week or so I've been ready to break out my fave darker hues for autumn, so I thought I'd share some of my faves in this post! 

GREY // Barry M Coconut Infusion in OYSTER // Barry M Coconut Infusion in STORM // Barry M Gelly in CHAI


RED & PINK // Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days MIDNIGHT RED // Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing in VENGEANCE IS WINE // Essie ANGORA CARDI

Share the Love // October 2016

Share the Love // October 2016

yup, I'm still obsessively wearing/washing/wearing these cacti pjs - I just love them!

It's time to share my fave posts I found on my Bloglovin' feed this past month!

  • Carrie from One Pleasant Day has been *killing* it with the autumn aesthetic - her whole blog and instagram are just all of the #autumngoals! My fave posts have been: 6am, Ode to Saturday & My Morning Coffee
  • I can't believe that three of my fave bloggers all met up - I love reading Carly's, Julia's and Rosie's blogs! Seeing their photos and reading their posts of their day spent apple picking together was so fun!
  • I've loved seeing Lily & Rich's wedding - it looked absolutely stunning! I especially loved how everything tied in together, like the stationery and the scents for every aspect of the whole the day - so perfectly thought out!
  • Every autumn my Barbour waxed Beadnell jacket becomes my go to coat to throw on for every occasion (going out shopping, going to feed my horses!) so I bookmarked this post for some different ideas of how to style it!
  • I think this might just be the perfect way to spend an autumn evening, don't you think? I'm going to be cracking out our chiminaire one last time before winter this weekend, I think! 
  • Not gonna lie, when I'm working the only things I can manage in the morning is drag myself out of bed, get dressed, throw on some make up (so I don't scare my colleagues!) and eat some brekkie - but in an ideal dream world I'd manage to accomplish these eight things before leaving the house!
  • I love the idea of a reverse bucket list - thanks to Sarah for sharing hers!
  • Rebecca's post are some of my faves to read every month (I pretty much always include at least one of her posts in my 'share the love' posts!) - her thoughts on navigating life when you feel overwhelmed is something that I really needed to hear this month
  • I think celebrating the little things in life is one of the greatest pleasures - appreciating the little aspects of good that sweeten an otherwise meh day. Reading Emma's really made me smile!
  • After reading Aftab's review and seeing how delicious the carpaccio of beef looked (I seriously love beef carpaccio - anytime it's on a menu I have to order it!) I've made sure to add London Steakhouse Co. to my 'to visit' list next time I'm in London! Plus there's lobster on the menu too, so mum will be happy with that!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Leave me links in the comments please!