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Share The Love // September 2016

It's time to share my favourite reads from my Bloglovin' feed from the last month: 

  • Aftab's blog always features in these posts - I just love reading his blog, it adds a little bit of luxury to my everyday! My fave posts from his blog this month were the introduction of his new Instagram Round Up posts - so far he's shared 10 of his fave bars and restaurants in London - I love the quickfire style! Definitely added some spots to my 'to visit' list for next time I'm visit the city!
  • I love this post from Sarah - I'm guilty of popping the kettle on multiple times a day, it really makes me think how much time I waste waiting for the kettle to boil when I could be being productive and doing some of these things!
  • Kristyn's post on how to blog with a full time job is one I've taken a few tips from, blogging as a side hobby to your 'proper' job is such hard work!
  • Any time Carly visits Nantucket I look forward to reading her blog post about her trip - I'd just love to go to Nantucket, it's just everything I want in a holiday destination!
  • This whole hygge (apparently pronounced hooga - not higgy like I originally thought!) trend is something that initially I was very confused about (even now I'm not totally clear about it!) but anything that encourages calmness and a soothed atmosphere is something I can get behind - thanks to Hannah and Katy Belle for getting me up to speed with autumn's new 'it' word!
  • Being an introverted and shy blogger - tick, tick, tick - Rebecca's post couldn't be more perfect for me.
  • Gloating about your alcohol intake doesn't make you cool - I couldn't agree more Robyn! Please, more people take note of this!
  • This post has given me so much outfit inspiration for the autumnal weather coming up - why hello there ASOS, apologies in advance to my bank balance!
  • I'm bookmarking this post for when I'm stuck in a serious overthinking crisis. 
  • Jaye's Hoping for Autumn post really got me excited for the start of the new season - the imagery in this post is just beautiful!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Links in the comments please!