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Pumpkin Picking Adventure

I mentioned in my Autumn to do list (and this post which sparked me sharing my to do list!) that I wanted to visit a pumpkin patch this year - I can't believe that I've made it 23 years without seeing pumpkins in their natural habitat! 

So on my rest day this week (I love having rest days in the week - it makes shift work so worth it!) mum and I decided to make the most of it and go on an adventure to tick pumpkin picking off my to do list! I'm not gonna lie but the only reason mum and I stumbled across this place last year is because the field is literally opposite a Barbour outlet shop - oops! But when we saw it last year the pumpkin patch was literally decimated! So this year we made a plan to go earlier and see the pumpkin patch in all its glory!

I mean, how could you drive past this place?! 

There was pumpkins everywhere! I was in my element! We'd definitely hit the jackpot in pumpkin farms! (well for around where I live anywhere!)

We headed straight to the pumpkin patch - I may have got a smidge overexcited! Looking at the all of the pumpkins just made me so happy!

I was amazed by just how many pumpkins there were everywhere!

After I'd had my fill (or rather mum had gotten bored of watching me squeal over almost every single pumpkin I saw growing!) we set out to sort through the massive carts to find the perfect pumpkin - or pumpkins :P

I love pumpkins but the orange just doesn't really fit with my instagram aesthetic theme (first world problems, eh?!) but these cute gourds definitely did! 

And these munchkin pumpkins are always my fave every year - they're just so tiny and cute!

Eventually mum and I decided on a giant pumpkin to go on display by our front door - along with a selection of gourds and munchkin pumpkins to make a display on our dining table.

If you couldn't tell from my super cheesy smile I had such a fun time at the pumpkin patch, picking out our pumpkins for the season - it definitely beats just nipping into a supermarket after work and grabbing whatever pumpkins they have left!

Plus can I take a moment to appreciate how fall-y I looked - I broke out my first plaid shirt of the season, black watch plaid is my absolute fave!

I'm so glad we made the time to go on this pumpkin picking adventure - it really helped us both feel more autumnal and we had such a lovely time! We'll definitely be making time to visit again next year!