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My Sunday in Numbers

I'm not gonna lie, I was really struggling to find something to post about today - I blame the fact that I'm post night shifts and my brain is a little bit sleep deprived!

I was looking back through my old posts for some inspo on what to post today and I came across this post from way back in May! I loved condensing my days into a series of numbers - there's something so pleasing to see a list version of my day (it sounds crazy I know!) so I thought I'd do the same with my Sunday today!

8 - hours spent sleeping
40 - minutes spent on social media before I made myself get out of bed
1 - cup of tea that was the motivation to get out of bed (!)
1 - bowl of chocolate cereal as a Sunday treat
11 - youtube videos watched
25 - slow-cooker recipes pinned on pinterest (how old am I?!)
17 - minutes spent walking Little Prin
14 - songs I sang along to in the car
3 - times I thought about doing some work on my specialist portfolio, but didn't
36 - minutes spent stickerating the past week and next week in my planner
1 - diet coke drank
6 - photos taken: 2 snaps, 1 of Little Prin in the car, 2 of my ponies and 1 for instagram
1 - blog post written
15 - tweets scheduled for my last few blog posts
15 - GBP spent on ordering the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
1 - chinese takeaway ordered - oops

So that was my Sunday!