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My Autumn To Do List

I was going to call this an October to do list, but let's be real - the way I procrastinate, there's no way that I'd get all this done in one month!

I mentioned in this post (ten things I love about autumn if you fancy a read!) that every year I have these great plans of all the autumnal activities I want to get done in the few weeks of autumn we get (let's be honest we're lucky to get a month of semi-decent weather before we have to break out the winter coats!) but time just seems to run away with me and I never manage to make the most of the season. But this year I want it to be different, here's hoping that by sharing my autumn to do list on here I'll actually feel accountable and tick some of them off!

  • decorate for autumn/Halloween - we put up our autumn decor today but we're holding off on decking the house out for Halloween for a week or so!
  • visit a pumpkin patch - and blog about it!
  • buy a new winter coat - my raincoat collection grew a lot this year, but my coat collection is still somewhat lacking!
  • make an authentic thanksgiving dinner
  • update my autumn wardrobe - and do the whole seasonal swap over of my clothes from S/S to A/W properly this year, not just put away/pull out bits and pieces 
  • make some pinterest-worthy coated apples - I'd add go apple picking to my list but there's no apple farm near me!
  • go on some autumnal walks - to try to photograph the stunning colours of the landscape around where I live
  • attempt to get better at cooking - autumn is the time for crockpot/slowcooker recipes, they seem so easy and sound right up my street!
  • dress Little Prin in her pumpkin outfit - she doesn't mind wearing coats but she really hates wearing this pumpkin outfit I got her, but she looks so bloody cute!
  • pick up an autumn drink at Starbucks/Costa

Well, I think that's enough to keep me busy throughout this autumn season, don't you?!