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Insta-Lately // October 2016

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :)

Little Prin was loving making the most of the autumnal sunshine we had this month!

Not gonna lie - I've been living in these cacti pjs pretty much all month! (also - have you checked out my Share the Love post from September?!) 

At the start of the month we put up out autumnal decor - this wreath is my fave decor piece to put up every year, I just love it!

I accidentally bought a new bag - oops! I went for a classic little black bag as my first Kate Spade purchase - I just couldn't pass it up because it was on such a good deal at TK Maxx!

I really tried to justify my McDonald's lunch by making it aesthetically pleasing (and channelling the awesome instagrammin' babes Jaye & Katy

We went to a Pumpkin Patch and had such a fun adventure, I'm so glad I managed to check off something from my Autumn To Do List! And it has become my most viewed blog post - eeeeep!

So, funny story - one of the seniors in the lab at work saw how "pretty" (direct quote there fyi) I'd made my McDonalds look so set me the challenge of making the daily 4am maintenance of some of our analysers as pretty-looking - well, I tried my best!

Sunday mornings are made for snuggling up in bed - right? 

I'm a huge HP fan and the new illustrated editions are just STUNNING! I can't get enough, I just love them - they're going to be such lovely pieces to keep and display!

Last Saturday morning I treated myself to a warm croissant and nutella for breakfast - so delicious!

The last few days before the clocks go back are some of my favourite - the late afternoon autumnal sunshine is just so stunning - I think it's they're the best golden hours out of the whole year! I snapped this when I was taking Little Prin on her walk and just had this rush of how much I love living in the countryside!


So that was October! I can't believe there's only three more insta-lately posts until the end of 2016!