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Favourites // October 2016

Favourites // October 2016

As if it's the end of October already?! Where did this past month go?! Anyway, onto my faves - it's another random collection of favourites this month (when is it ever not?!) and I've decided to just accept the fact that I'll never have a picture-perfect favourites list - they'll always be an authentic eclectic mix, and that's okay with me!

October was a pretty good month, no complaints from me! Work has been same-y same in the best way, I honestly love my job - there's never a day where I don't enjoy it (even if it's sometimes crazy hard work and stressful!). Aside from working, I spent most of the time obsessing over the colours of the changing leaves pretty much every time I stepped outside (instagram evidence here!) oh and we had the most amazing time going on a Pumpkin Patch Adventure! Plus that post became my most viewed post I've ever had in just two weeks! Crazy stuff!

So, my favourites:

Black Watch Tartan // I just love this print - the combination of black, green and blue makes it so wearable. I've been throwing this shirt on as part of my autumn uniform far more than I care to admit this month! And I can't wait until it gets chilly enough to bring out my Black Watch scarf too!

Pumpkin Patch Adventure // I know, I know - how much more can I bang on about the fact that I ticked something off my autumn to do list and visited a pumpkin patch! I don't care how crazy it makes me sound - I really enjoyed going on a little 'for the blog' adventure! It definitely made me feel more festive, I can't wait to find a fun activity to go and do to get me in the Christmas spirit! 

Throne of Glass - Sarah J Maas // I wanted a new series to get stuck into reading, I remember really loving the 'A Court of Thorn & Roses' and how Sarah J Maas told the story through her characters so when it came up on my amazon recommended reading, I figured I'd give it a go! Oh my goodness I wasn't disappointed! I'm loving this series! I love getting lost in a new fantasy world - it really helps me to relax and detach from IRL stresses!

Dark Nail Polish // Autumn means saying goodbye to my bright blue nail polish of the summer and hello to darker hues. This Jessica hunter green colour was my most fave I wore this month - it wasn't too green, it looked almost black in some lights - I like how different and unusual it is, but still so perfect for autumn!

Neal's Yard Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath // I swear by the Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts - I really notice a difference in how quickly I get off to sleep after I've added a scoop of them to my bath! So I wanted to try something similar from the brand, I love a good bubble bath so thought I'd love this foaming bath - which I do, especially after night shifts! Having a bath with a dash of this in really helps to combat my exhausted leg muscles and my tense back! Plus it helps to wake me up after sleeping for most of the day!

Kate Spade - Mini Cassie // I picked this bag up on a total whim when I spied it in TK Maxx - it was on such a crazy good deal, I just couldn't leave it on the shelf! I've been wearing it every day since I bought it at the start of the month and I love it! It's a really reasonable size for a small-ish bag - it fits everything I need in it for work/play, it's black so it pretty much goes with everything (especially seeing as I've been pulling out my black leather ankle boots almost every day this month!) and it feels really sturdy and scratch resistant so I don't feel like I'm going to damage it by wearing it every day! Such a winner for such a steal!

So they were my faves from October! If you fancy having a nosey at what I got up to in October then check out my instagram round up post!


Insta-Lately // October 2016

Insta-Lately // October 2016

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :)

Little Prin was loving making the most of the autumnal sunshine we had this month!

Not gonna lie - I've been living in these cacti pjs pretty much all month! (also - have you checked out my Share the Love post from September?!) 

At the start of the month we put up out autumnal decor - this wreath is my fave decor piece to put up every year, I just love it!

I accidentally bought a new bag - oops! I went for a classic little black bag as my first Kate Spade purchase - I just couldn't pass it up because it was on such a good deal at TK Maxx!

I really tried to justify my McDonald's lunch by making it aesthetically pleasing (and channelling the awesome instagrammin' babes Jaye & Katy

We went to a Pumpkin Patch and had such a fun adventure, I'm so glad I managed to check off something from my Autumn To Do List! And it has become my most viewed blog post - eeeeep!

So, funny story - one of the seniors in the lab at work saw how "pretty" (direct quote there fyi) I'd made my McDonalds look so set me the challenge of making the daily 4am maintenance of some of our analysers as pretty-looking - well, I tried my best!

Sunday mornings are made for snuggling up in bed - right? 

I'm a huge HP fan and the new illustrated editions are just STUNNING! I can't get enough, I just love them - they're going to be such lovely pieces to keep and display!

Last Saturday morning I treated myself to a warm croissant and nutella for breakfast - so delicious!

The last few days before the clocks go back are some of my favourite - the late afternoon autumnal sunshine is just so stunning - I think it's they're the best golden hours out of the whole year! I snapped this when I was taking Little Prin on her walk and just had this rush of how much I love living in the countryside!


So that was October! I can't believe there's only three more insta-lately posts until the end of 2016!


Currently // 23-10

Currently // 23-10

side note: I'm so proud of how this photo turned out! I love it!

It's currently post time again! Let's go...

Eating // my treat of choice has been mixing a pack of Cadbury giant milk chocolate buttons and Milkybar giant buttons together - because the white chocolate Cadbury buttons are just horrible!

Drinking // all of the English Breakfast tea again now that's getting chillier again! There's nothing better than sitting down, snuggled under a cozy blanket and sipping on a cup of tea.

Watching // Fresh Meat - I wanted something easy and new to binge watch on netflix and this is so addictive! Jack Whitehall is just awesome! I watched Bad Education before starting Fresh Meat and I just needed some more Jack Whitehall in my life!

Listening // I recently stumbled across Dan + Shay and I've become obsessed! I love it when their songs come on when my I'm shuffling my music on the way home from work. Speaking of obsessed - 'Obsessed' is my fave song from them - it's just ugh so bloody sexy!

Reading // I started the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas because I wanted to get sucked into a new series. Recently I've been reading some stand alone novels and I was just craving getting really involved into a world and following the characters on their journeys through it. Plus I really enjoyed the A Court of Thorn and Roses series and the way Sarah J Maas writes and develops her characters.

Planning // Working shifts means that I have to plan super in advance if I want the time off to do things with my friends/family so we've tentatively started pencilling in some fun festive activities for when it gets closer to Christmas!

Obsessing // over asos' traditional pj sets - they're fab! The cacti ones are just too 'blogger' for words (love them!) but I really like this floral set too! I'll admit I'm actively stalking the asos site every day to see if they've added any more patterns!

Smelling // Moschino's 'Fresh Couture' - mum surprised me with it and I've been wearing it as my everyday perfume seeing as my Chanel Chance eau Tendre has run out. I like it a lot - I don't like floral scents, they're just not me but this is just fresh and clean so is right up my street!

Wearing // my new winter jacket every single day! I found a Michael Kors padded jacket for an absolute steal in TK Maxx and it's so warm and snuggly! I love it!

Wanting // a few more jumpers/knitwear to add to my autumn/winter wardrobe - I had a big clear out and threw out most of my knitwear so I need to replace some pieces!

Feeling // so very excited that my Pumpkin Picking Adventure post has been so well received - I can't believe how many views it has had in such a short space of time, it has become my most viewed post ever! But I'm so glad because I'm really pleased with how the photos came out seeing as it was such a spontaneous trip!


An Autumn Uniform

An Autumn Uniform

Untitled #13


I'm a creature of habit - I like creating little seasonal uniforms for myself - it makes getting dressed so much easier if I have a kind of equation for my outfits: jeans + ankle boots + checked shirt + Barbour (+/- scarf depending on the weather).

So pretty much every day in autumn this is what I'll be wearing! It's comfy, casual but not too casual, it's appropriate for most activities (like pumpkin patch adventuring!) and I just like how I look when I wear it!

My Sunday in Numbers

My Sunday in Numbers

I'm not gonna lie, I was really struggling to find something to post about today - I blame the fact that I'm post night shifts and my brain is a little bit sleep deprived!

I was looking back through my old posts for some inspo on what to post today and I came across this post from way back in May! I loved condensing my days into a series of numbers - there's something so pleasing to see a list version of my day (it sounds crazy I know!) so I thought I'd do the same with my Sunday today!

8 - hours spent sleeping
40 - minutes spent on social media before I made myself get out of bed
1 - cup of tea that was the motivation to get out of bed (!)
1 - bowl of chocolate cereal as a Sunday treat
11 - youtube videos watched
25 - slow-cooker recipes pinned on pinterest (how old am I?!)
17 - minutes spent walking Little Prin
14 - songs I sang along to in the car
3 - times I thought about doing some work on my specialist portfolio, but didn't
36 - minutes spent stickerating the past week and next week in my planner
1 - diet coke drank
6 - photos taken: 2 snaps, 1 of Little Prin in the car, 2 of my ponies and 1 for instagram
1 - blog post written
15 - tweets scheduled for my last few blog posts
15 - GBP spent on ordering the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
1 - chinese takeaway ordered - oops

So that was my Sunday!


Pumpkin Picking Adventure

Pumpkin Picking Adventure

I mentioned in my Autumn to do list (and this post which sparked me sharing my to do list!) that I wanted to visit a pumpkin patch this year - I can't believe that I've made it 23 years without seeing pumpkins in their natural habitat! 

So on my rest day this week (I love having rest days in the week - it makes shift work so worth it!) mum and I decided to make the most of it and go on an adventure to tick pumpkin picking off my to do list! I'm not gonna lie but the only reason mum and I stumbled across this place last year is because the field is literally opposite a Barbour outlet shop - oops! But when we saw it last year the pumpkin patch was literally decimated! So this year we made a plan to go earlier and see the pumpkin patch in all its glory!

I mean, how could you drive past this place?! 

There was pumpkins everywhere! I was in my element! We'd definitely hit the jackpot in pumpkin farms! (well for around where I live anywhere!)

We headed straight to the pumpkin patch - I may have got a smidge overexcited! Looking at the all of the pumpkins just made me so happy!

I was amazed by just how many pumpkins there were everywhere!

After I'd had my fill (or rather mum had gotten bored of watching me squeal over almost every single pumpkin I saw growing!) we set out to sort through the massive carts to find the perfect pumpkin - or pumpkins :P

I love pumpkins but the orange just doesn't really fit with my instagram aesthetic theme (first world problems, eh?!) but these cute gourds definitely did! 

And these munchkin pumpkins are always my fave every year - they're just so tiny and cute!

Eventually mum and I decided on a giant pumpkin to go on display by our front door - along with a selection of gourds and munchkin pumpkins to make a display on our dining table.

If you couldn't tell from my super cheesy smile I had such a fun time at the pumpkin patch, picking out our pumpkins for the season - it definitely beats just nipping into a supermarket after work and grabbing whatever pumpkins they have left!

Plus can I take a moment to appreciate how fall-y I looked - I broke out my first plaid shirt of the season, black watch plaid is my absolute fave!

I'm so glad we made the time to go on this pumpkin picking adventure - it really helped us both feel more autumnal and we had such a lovely time! We'll definitely be making time to visit again next year!


Five Things // In My Bag

Five Things // In My Bag

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to post today, but then I was looking in my drafts (thank you past me for keeping a set of blog post prompts in my drafts!) and saw this one - plus it couldn't have come at a better time because yesterday I somehow accidentally impulse-bought this beautiful new bag! I'm all of the heart-eyed emojis over it! 

So now I can share my lovely new bag with you (it's the Kate Spade mini 'Cassie' in black saffiano leather with gold hardware) along with five things I put in it straight away, I just can't go anywhere without these bits and bobs!

PURSE // I've got a card holder which is so much easier to carry around than this mahussive purse but I just can't seem to leave home with only that - I always have to have my purse with me too! Which is even more ridiculous when I think that I barely carry cash anyway!

LIP BALM // this one is my absolute fave - nothing else manages to keep my lips feeling so moisturised and soft even when it has worn off my lips. I just hate the feeling of having really dry lips and needing lip balm - I just can't focus properly until I've put some lip balm on! 

KINDLE // I'm channelling my inner Rory Gilmore here and saying that I always have to have a book on me (that episode when she goes to the dance and have a book in her purse - goals.) and this way I can have my whole library with me all the time! If I'm sat somewhere waiting for even ten minutes I'll take out my book and read. Sitting somewhere with nothing to do really doesn't help my self-consciousness struggles but being able to get lost in a book really helps - as ridiculous as that sounds! 

PORTABLE CHARGER // I've bought so many portable chargers in the past that have lasted for a couple of months and then just died on me - I bought this one over a year ago now and it's still going strong! It can fully charge my iPhone a good three-ish times, plus it's so slim it's really no bother to have it tucked away in my bag everyday.

SUNGLASSES // even in the winter I keep a pair of sunglasses in my bag (and in my car!) - I can't stand squinting in the sun,  it does my head in! 

I have to give an honourable mention to my umbrella and a pen (the muji 0.5 gel pens are my fave!) that always live in the bottom of every handbag I use!


My Autumn To Do List

My Autumn To Do List

I was going to call this an October to do list, but let's be real - the way I procrastinate, there's no way that I'd get all this done in one month!

I mentioned in this post (ten things I love about autumn if you fancy a read!) that every year I have these great plans of all the autumnal activities I want to get done in the few weeks of autumn we get (let's be honest we're lucky to get a month of semi-decent weather before we have to break out the winter coats!) but time just seems to run away with me and I never manage to make the most of the season. But this year I want it to be different, here's hoping that by sharing my autumn to do list on here I'll actually feel accountable and tick some of them off!

  • decorate for autumn/Halloween - we put up our autumn decor today but we're holding off on decking the house out for Halloween for a week or so!
  • visit a pumpkin patch - and blog about it!
  • buy a new winter coat - my raincoat collection grew a lot this year, but my coat collection is still somewhat lacking!
  • make an authentic thanksgiving dinner
  • update my autumn wardrobe - and do the whole seasonal swap over of my clothes from S/S to A/W properly this year, not just put away/pull out bits and pieces 
  • make some pinterest-worthy coated apples - I'd add go apple picking to my list but there's no apple farm near me!
  • go on some autumnal walks - to try to photograph the stunning colours of the landscape around where I live
  • attempt to get better at cooking - autumn is the time for crockpot/slowcooker recipes, they seem so easy and sound right up my street!
  • dress Little Prin in her pumpkin outfit - she doesn't mind wearing coats but she really hates wearing this pumpkin outfit I got her, but she looks so bloody cute!
  • pick up an autumn drink at Starbucks/Costa

Well, I think that's enough to keep me busy throughout this autumn season, don't you?!


Share The Love // September 2016

Share The Love // September 2016

It's time to share my favourite reads from my Bloglovin' feed from the last month: 

  • Aftab's blog always features in these posts - I just love reading his blog, it adds a little bit of luxury to my everyday! My fave posts from his blog this month were the introduction of his new Instagram Round Up posts - so far he's shared 10 of his fave bars and restaurants in London - I love the quickfire style! Definitely added some spots to my 'to visit' list for next time I'm visit the city!
  • I love this post from Sarah - I'm guilty of popping the kettle on multiple times a day, it really makes me think how much time I waste waiting for the kettle to boil when I could be being productive and doing some of these things!
  • Kristyn's post on how to blog with a full time job is one I've taken a few tips from, blogging as a side hobby to your 'proper' job is such hard work!
  • Any time Carly visits Nantucket I look forward to reading her blog post about her trip - I'd just love to go to Nantucket, it's just everything I want in a holiday destination!
  • This whole hygge (apparently pronounced hooga - not higgy like I originally thought!) trend is something that initially I was very confused about (even now I'm not totally clear about it!) but anything that encourages calmness and a soothed atmosphere is something I can get behind - thanks to Hannah and Katy Belle for getting me up to speed with autumn's new 'it' word!
  • Being an introverted and shy blogger - tick, tick, tick - Rebecca's post couldn't be more perfect for me.
  • Gloating about your alcohol intake doesn't make you cool - I couldn't agree more Robyn! Please, more people take note of this!
  • This post has given me so much outfit inspiration for the autumnal weather coming up - why hello there ASOS, apologies in advance to my bank balance!
  • I'm bookmarking this post for when I'm stuck in a serious overthinking crisis. 
  • Jaye's Hoping for Autumn post really got me excited for the start of the new season - the imagery in this post is just beautiful!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Links in the comments please!