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Yankee Candle - Barbershop Collection

Currently I'm sat in my room, snuggled up under a blanket trying to write a post for today - I've been brainstorming post ideas for a while and to be honest I've lost count of how many posts I've started but given up on about half an hour later. 

I've lit a candle in the alcove of my room just before I sat down and now the room is filled with such a delicious scent that it has sparked the inspiration for this post - an opportunity to wax (sorry!) lyrical over this new candle collection that has become my new favourite!

I tend to always gravitate towards sort of clean and fresh scents with a hint of a musky and masculine undertone - anything sickly sweet just doesn't interest me. Think Flannel from Bath & Body Works or Wood Sage & Sea Salt from Jo Malone - they're the time of scents that float my boat. So the new Barbershop Collection from Yankee Candle is right up my street.

I've been hoarding four candle from this collection for a while now - just taking the lids off and having an eye-roll, "mmmm" inducing sniff every so often - like a guilty pleasure - they are just too delicious to burn but I've finally taken the plunge, and oh I'm so glad!

Aftershave // "a evocative mix of juniper and patchouli" - aka the scent of a hot man who has spent the day in a wood

Hot Towel // "a combination of sea salt breeze and white woods " - aka the scent of a hot man who's just come back from a walk on the beach

Barbershop // " a sophisticated mix of eucalyptus, lavender and amber" - aka the scent of a hot man who's been at a spa 

Chrome // "Notes of cardamom, incense and cedar wood create a coolly polished, contemporary scent" - aka the scent of the most delicious smelling man ever - I have no words, I just can't do the smell of this candle justice - let's just say, if I met this man I would be seduced by his aftershave alone!

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to daydream about a delicious man, preferably in some sort of lumberjack-esque checked shirt coming in and sweeping me off my feet...