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Insta-Lately // September 2016

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :)

Every day has to start with some caffeine, especially a Saturday! Plus how instagrammable is this mug?!

I've been raving about this candle collection (that I've been hoarding for far too long!) all over social media - I just can't get enough!

We realised that there's a slush puppy machine at work - this was the best Friday lunchtime treat! Although, we did go back into the lab in a bit of a sugar coma - can't say I regret it!  

Going to Nandos is awesome, but getting Nandos takeout and bringing it home to eat in bed - that's just life changing!

I bought some new bedding from George with then triggered off this post because I fell in love with practically everything in this free A/W collection magazine that came with my bedding order! 

Mum, Nam and I went on an impromptu shopping trip and I ended up accidentally purchasing *another* Joules raincoat - I just can't get enough of my yellow one, it really brightens up a rainy day, so as always - if you love something buy it in multiple colours, right?!

I had a bit of a face mask moment the other week - I'm pretty rubbish at using masks (literally I use one once every couple of months!) but I was just in the mood to give my skin a bit of a treat - the air conditioning at work plays havoc with my skin! I liked using both masks, my skin felt really nice and look a lot healthier and cleaner right after I'd use them, but I'm not sure about the long lasting effects... 

It was mum's birthday this month so of course I had to treat her to some of her favourite flowers - which of course I had to borrow to photograph for this month's 'currently' post!

I shared some copper cutlery in my George homeware post and I just couldn't get them out of my head - so I caved and bought some (but these were from B&M of all places, because the George ones weren't dishwasher safe - boo!)! They've made me happier that any cutlery set should have tbh!

I mentioned my new bedding earlier - it's this jersey set from George and I'm in love! I can't cope with how soft and comfy and cosy it is! It's like the a huge snuggly sweatshirt to sleep in!

So that was September! These months are really flying by now - I can't believe how we're practically in the last quarter of the year already!