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Favourites // September 2016

The end of the month means that it's time for me to share my favourites on here - here we go with September's!

September seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye - it was a blur of work to be honest! In addition to working on my portfolio I decided to start doing some journal based learning - it was more difficult than I thought to get back into reading journal articles again! But then again I was trying to do this in the early hours of the mornings on my night shifts so that might have been a contributing factor! I booked the last week of the month off work and it has been really nice to just relax and completely switch off from work for an extended period of time (although I'm definitely guilty of checking my work emails every day!)! On my week off I took Nam & G (my grandparents) to Birmingham for a shopping trip - it was so cute to see G going on a train, he hasn't been on a train since he was in the army about 40 years ago! Also, I've started to play the piano again! I've been playing the piano from when I was about six but lost my love for it about eight years ago, it's a skill and hobby I'd begun to miss lately so I've started to play again - jeez am I rusty! Pieces that early teenage me could play with my eyes shut now require actual thought and concentration! It has amazed me though how my fingers knew how to play the pieces but my brain was struggling to read the music - crazy how different actions are more easily remembered than others!

Anyway, enough of me chatting on, here are my extremely random collection of faves from last month:

ASOS CACTUS PRINT PJ SET // I fell for these pjs as soon as I saw them Rosie the Londoner wear some on her trip to Morocco and I just *needed* them in my life! I was perusing the asos website (as I do on a daily basis because I'm stalking their 'new in' section because I'm on the hunt for my winter coat for this year!) and saw that they were back in stock in my size - it was fate! I just think they're so cute and fun! 

STAND N STUFF SOFT TACOS // I'm not a very good cook (massive understatement) - I have been known to burn pasta (who can't cook pasta?!)! But whenever I want Mexican for dinner Mum makes me cook it - she's not that great at following a recipe, she's more of a throw stuff together type of cook! - I bought this kit because it was the one on offer and it's life-changing. I know that's bold statement for a Mexican dinner but it just makes eating tacos so much easier - meaning I don't end up with taco crumbs all over me and having to eat the contents of my taco from my plate with a fork - fail! They're my new fave Mexican for dinner dish!

JO MALONE ROOM SPRAY // I bought this for mum last Christmas and I've become a little bit obsessed with it - it makes everywhere smell so bloody good! It's fresh and clean and the scent really lasts for hours - I hate it when a room spray disappears practically as soon as you spray it! It's a luxury but it's so enjoyable! Plus it means we can enjoy the Jo Malone scent experience without burning one of their candles - so it might even work out a little bit cheaper! Although, how liberal I am with it, it might not!

URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER FOUNDATION // The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation has been my fave for years now - I just find that it's the only foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly. So when I saw that they'd brought out a new foundation I had to have it - I ordered it before I'd even read/watched any reviews online! This foundation is right up my street - it's long wearing but doesn't look cake-y on the skin, it feels light and easy to wear and of course the shade is spot on! New fave foundation for sure. 

PAPER PRINCESS - ERIN WATT // I wasn't sure to expect with this book - the story sounded quite interesting - and it's based in a Southern mansion, I was sold by that alone! To be honest I'm not sure what it was about this book that had me obsessed, as soon as I'd finished it I bought the second novel because I was desperate to know what happened to the characters! Plus who doesn't love a tale of forbidden love, it's a classic plot!

JOULES COAST RAIN COAT // Yep, I know - another one! After I fell in love with my yellow raincoat this summer I knew I couldn't pass up this gorgeous colour when I saw that it was on sale! It seems I've developed a bit of a thing for fun raincoats - I just can't get enough!

So that was everything I've been loving in June! If you want to see what I got up to during the month via the medium of instagram pics, then check out this post!