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Confessions of a Stationery Addict

I confess, I'm a stationery addict...

1. I will hoard pretty notebooks without any intention of writing in them - because that would ruin their pretty-ness, obviously!

2. If gold is a colour choice then I will choose that one - paperclips, push pins, desk accessories...

3. There's a stash of sticky notes (of varying shapes, colours, sizes, slogans, cute-ness) hidden in one of my stationery drawers

4. I have specific special pens that make my handwriting looks amazing - woe betide you if you decide to borrow one of those special pen!

5. I'll have a to-do list pad for any eventuality - packing, grocery shopping, weekly to do list, month to do list, blog ideas, blog post writing - some may say it's a little excessive!

6.I'm too scared to tot up the amount I spend on etsy stickers (yes stickers at age 23!) each month to stickerate my planner to make it look pretty

7. I have a variety of brands of coloured pens that *must* be kept separated and organized by pen-type 

8. I stockpile washi tape like it's going out of fashion but never use it - they're just too cute!

9. I desperately want to start a bullet journal (I've got the Leuchtturm notebook and a ton of Staedtler pens) but the thought of it not turning out as pretty as everyone else's gives me serious stress 

10. I'm not in school anymore but I still manage to dedicate some time at the end of summer to shop for new stationery supplies, and also when January comes around, and also in June for exam season of course

11. A pack of new sharpies organised in rainbow order just brings me peace

12. I've always got a selection of blank cards 'in stock' in case the need to write some snail mail strikes me

13. The thought of using an digital planning system gives me weak palpitations - I'm *very* attached to me paper Erin Condren Life Planner!

14. Talking of my ECLP, it takes me from when the new designs are released in June from when I order next years planner in November to decide what combination I'm going to go for: do I go crazy and change to the horizontal layout? Would the hourly layout help me to organize my time better? Neutral or coloured? And don't even get me started on coil colour and interchangeable cover choices!

15. Any new project I undertake (hello specialist portfolio!) cannot be started until I've bought a new folder, dividers, page markers and of course a new notebook to dedicate to it!


Please tell me I'm not the only stationery addict out there?!