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10 Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn starts tomorrow (according to Google) and to be honest I'm still in denial about it. I'm not ready to leave the summer, the light nights, the hot weather behind. Everyone else seems to be so into autumn - come September first everyone was breaking out their knitwear and hunting down their first PSL of the year but it takes me a little longer to come around to the idea of autumn - dark mornings, grey skies and a chill in the air. 

So now that I'm ready to embrace the change of season (okay, so maybe not as far as embrace but definitely not in complete denial about summer being over at least!) I thought I'd write a post similar to this one I wrote when I was experiencing the January Blues - to hopefully put me into a positive mindset looking forward to Autumn:


I'm really struggling with how best to describe this one - but it's that stunning beauty that you can see round every corner at this time of year; when the leaves start to change into those crisp orange/reds and crunch beneath your steps, when the golden sunlight dapples through the branches as they start to become bare. If you ask me Autumn is like the golden hour of the seasons - as the days start to get shorter everything seems to want to soak up those last drops of sunshine at the end of each day and just looks stunning, almost magical. Honestly, just taking Little Prin (my dog fyi) for a walk in the late afternoon leaves me speechless at the beauty around us.


TV is always so rubbish in the summer - not that I mind really, I'd much rather spend time outside enjoying the glorious warm weather in the summer to be bothered about watching the telly. But the return of good TV shows, every ad break being filled with trailers for shows that make you say "ooh that looks good" and pencilling in tv shows all over your planner (just to keep track of them all!) means that autumn really is here. Whether it be old favourites that have returned for another series, or new shows that you want to get into watching - autumn is the time for using the tv to ignore the fact that it's getting dark ridiculously early (the exclamations over the time when it gets dark is a nightly occurrence in our house!).


Autumn is all about steaming bowls of soup, mountains of mashed potatoes, overflowing bowls of pasta - as soon as there's a chill in the air gimme all the comfort food please! Sorry salads but I won't be craving you again until next summer!


I think this stems from all those years of school starting as soon as September rolls around - it's almost like a little refresh button for your year - time to take stock of your life, make changes and just sort things out. Plus back to school season means buying stationery to see you through the next year and everyone feels like their life is more together when you have pretty organization aids!


One of the things that we like to do when autumn rolls around is to take a leaf out of our American friends book and decorate for the autumnal season. I think it really helps to make closing the door on summer a little bit more sweet - autumn can sometimes seem a little dull, with the nights closing in sooner and no Christmas lights to brighten things up we find that adding some pumpkins, leaves and acorns around our living room and dining room and an autumnal wreath on the front door just helps us to embrace the autumn a little more!


I find it so easy to get dressed in the autumn - jeans, boots, flannel shirt with a scarf and jumper maybe if it's particularly chilly. Autumn always makes me dress a bit more preppy - throwing on a blazer and riding boots just makes me feel so put together and very 'me' - I love it!

COZY NIGHTS/afternoons/days/all the time

My happy place in the autumn is snuggled up on the sofa, under a soft fleecy blanket, with a candle burning in the background (preferably something musky and manly smelling - Flannel from B&BW is just perfect for this!), sipping on a cup of tea and reading a good book. I'm a sucker for cozy bedtimes too - brushed cotton sheets are my obsession and a matching set of flannel pjs make for the best way to beat the cold nights in the autumn! Any time of the day in autumn is perfect for snuggling up and getting cozy - it's practically encouraged!


Every autumn I start off with all the good intentions of ticking of my autumn bucket list; I want to go apple picking, visit a pumpkin patch, go for a stomp through the fallen leaves. I want to celebrate Thanksgiving, go to a bonfire, carve pumpkins. Somehow it never all gets done, I never seem to manage it - but the draw of doing all these things comes back every year, I think it'd really help to combat the inevitable SAD that starts around this time of year to have fun autumn activities to help you embrace the goodbye to summer. This year we have a definite plan to go to a pumpkin patch, so that's a start - right?!


Although winter doesn't officially start until the end of December (thanks again google!) Autumn never lasts the full three months it's supposed to, by the start of November (if we're lucky!) there's more than just a chill in the air - it's full on freezing and the winter coats have got to be brought out! I think that's one of the things I like most about autumn, how fleeting it is - how you feel like you have to make the most of it because you know it won't be around forever, how you want to pack it full of autumnal activities (see above!) to tick everything off your autumn bucket list before time runs out.  


I kinda love autumn for giving me that time to indulge in being a smidge anti-social - just to have a break really. Summer is a whirlwind of barbecues and beer garden sessions (well so I'm reliably informed by my very sociable friends!) and winter brings with it a slew of festive parties to go to, but autumn lets you just be. Sure there's bonfire night and maybe a halloween party if you're lucky, but the rest of the time - people tend to get sucked into the comfort of spending time at home, after all autumn is practically synonymous with spending rainy afternoons curled up on the sofa - which suits introverted me just fine! Sometimes you need that time to recharge and indulge yourself in some 'me time'.