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The Only Two Lipsticks I'll Ever Need

In terms of makeup products that I tend to hoard, lipstick really isn't one of them. I think I have a handful of lipsticks rolling around in the back of my vanity drawer - there's a couple a deep red shades for when I'm feeling particularly brave in the autumn/winter, a bright pink for summer, an orange that I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought it!.

But I barely reach for any of those shades, probably only about once a year, if that! - so I reckon I could survive quite happily with just two lipsticks to choose from - a nude and a red, and these two are my top picks at the moment.

NUDE // Charlotte Tilbury - BITCH PERFECT

This is such an easy lipstick to throw on just to give your lips a little bit of colour - it's a beautiful nude-y peach-y pink - which manages to not make my lips look dead, something I tend to struggle with when I try to wear nudes because I'm so darn pale! I can't be dealing with lipsticks that feel cakey on my lips, this one thankfully doesn't, it's buttery and smooth plus as a bonus - it fades quite unobtrusively too which I appreciate. 

RED // Chanel - PASSION

Is there anything more classic than a red lipstick from Chanel? I love how intense this colour is in just one coat - plus its blue undertones make my teeth look whiter which is always a bonus! I do find that I have to reach for a lip liner when I want to wear this because it is a little smudge-y and I can't be bothered to be worrying about if my lipstick has smudged throughout the evening! I really appreciate how moisturizing this formulation is because I hate it when bold colours seem to accentuate any dry parts of my lips!

So they're the two lipsticks I think I'll even need in my life - if you could only have a couple of shades to get you through which would you pick?