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Share The Love // July 2016

It's time to share my fave posts that graced my Bloglovin' feed this past month, let's go!

  • For years now Nantucket has been on my travel bucket list (ever since I read the Au Pairs series when I was in my teens!) so any travel post featuring the island is automatically one of my faves! Two of my fave bloggers spent time there this past month and I loved reading their recap posts - particularly Mackenzie's 24 Hours on Nantucket (plus her bicycle is just goals!) and Carly's Nantucket for the Day!
  • Rhianna from Robowecop's posts are always fab (I only discovered her weekly vlogs this week and I've been binge-watching them they're so good!) but my fave from July was her My F**k Budget post! I think it's definitely something that I need to start implementing in my life!
  • I'm so excited about the return of Gilmore Girls (thank you netflix gods!) - I only watched the show for the first time last year and I just loved it, everything about it and every single episode! (fun fact: I've put off watching the last episode of series seven because I just didn't want the show to be over!) so this post from Katy about life lessons that can be learnt from Gilmore Girls was right up my street!
  • I never, ever, even entertained the idea of going on a cruising holiday (I love the idea in theory but I just know I'd feel so uncomfortable!) but Amelia's vlog made me start considering it - all that luxury, such a dream!
  • This post from Robyn really resonated with me - I know I'll be implementing these tips when I eventually pluck up the courage to put my social anxiety to one side and start the dating game again.
  • I'm a sucker for stationery; back to school shopping was always one of my favourites parts of the summer holidays so of course I loved checking out these new stationery brands Rebecca posted about!
  • Speaking of stationery, I partially blame Jaye for my obsession with my Erin Condren Life Planner - and now she's at it again blogging more about EC! Now I *need* an EC notebook in my life - none of my other 10 million pretty notebooks will do the job ;P
  • Maybe I'm just a super nosey person but I love having little insights into peoples' days (weekly vlogs are my faves!) - any sort of routine post I really enjoy reading! Seeing how Emma schedules in her blogging around her other job and really maximises her time in this post has been really helpful.
  • I graduated just over two years ago now and I have to say that the first year post-grad I really missed learning - don't get me wrong I spent that first year of my job getting to grips with all of the practical skills I needed to actually do my job but I missed gaining that theory. I've started working towards my second portfolio now so there's tons of theory involved in that but Carly's post on How To Keep Learning Outside of School really struck a chord with me - I don't ever want to be in a stagnant position of not learning new skills/knowledge!
  • I feel like I want to send all of my friends/family/potential guys in the future the link to this post - Caring for your Introvert.

What were your favourite posts that you read/wrote this month? Leave me links in the comments please!